Old School Smackdown 5-15-18

Tuesday, May 15th

The Wake Up Call play another round of "Old School Smackdown" to give away tickets to see either Amy Schumer or Shawn Mendes: 


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Or call. Time because it's backed down one of our favorite game James White we need to show some idiot let's Bonn on me. And they invite friends during this time he's only ten years old but he loves the old school smack down a story even though he doesn't really don't know you know it's fun here. He likes it when you when I get frustrated and don't know these are. I sure am glad Pathmark. And a half our career and it's true. I'm playing today Rio from Sacramento good morning. You're playing the Dallas morning you can. Read on. Yeah. I'm Britney premiere is still good morning. And I'm seeing your slightly Katie this morning of I deem. It AAR IA rules are simple. Some old school songs Gavin and Katie if you think you know the answer shed out your name closest to title and artist gets the points. If Gavin and Katie don't know the answer Britney and real can be you know an Emmy treaty yelling your name. Insane thing closest two title artists want to the point okay. Winners winners got tickets today we've prepared tickets to Amy Schumer. August 12 at Lake Tahoe outdoor arena and Harvey's or a pair of tickets to see Sean May and is July 11 at the golden one senator. A winner gets the ticket tickets in just replaying. Will give the non winner fate of other agencies. Are you guys ready. Our a year ago Sandra wind old school smackdown on the wake up call the. Don't. Having Gavin. Eight fine. Tell me what the word. The. KD yeah. Akon I'll deal. My outbreak near Rio got a yes. I'm Britney Brittany which I guess. And maybe it does. And give. The. Stadium that's. Maybe I'm back. We didn't shrink and John we'll wait firm that they've bashed them and I would have gotten it right. President we've stated that's almost every dad really like for farm. What patrol summer. I don't know does a baby bash yeah what I have read every Tuesday it. Nobody ever pointed out the fact that is it terrible name. I UC BBB beach in a minute up high like that he's better now craving Syria and yet not nuts really losing at least. BE CH. I he goes the radio station. Get the radios they can but is is to pick up our UPS back. I don't know. How did you come by that name bashed babies wow lot. Are you guys next time. All schools Mac delicate golf. I. Component I think it was. Katie. Yeah. Mama. I've been among. So inaudible. I remember when the killings of and don't have an. To puck that's the way it is. And. Britney be Britney Richard. You aren't saying yet. Millions guy. And yeah your mama yeah the governor and I can't taste it damsel in I don't that's terribly. I think it's pretty true. All right we'll Brady got two point so far. And then I hear we got an excellent olds and 30 colts will smackdown it'll make a call. Gentlemen down in the body orderly and John Mayer. I remember is turning out so close to. Plays got to match them. It as a member last year there when he met John Mayer and then could not stop talking about how. Let me get close to being accurate figure this act on tour at the capitol and you guys can ask to be questions about it. How about I feel like you're giving an awful lot of unsolicited. Information about how good looking yes you what's good looking in person he's really good looking guy he's. Gotta be he's betting half of the world yeah it's. That being ugly. I mean there are yeah that take note bond. Stop it eased just ten years old words of wisdom from uncle raised not a right. The sun all schools backed down on the lake golf racquet but some of its own making. Thousand. What said he hadn't let. Then the most com I lose the club in my chicks I'm wolf pitching like this you traveling well he thinks he couldn't. You've got to yeah. Yeah. I'll leave it Gavin. Songs called cooler than me. Was that what she. Was. Let me answer. Paul Rizzo. Oh and yeah. Cooler than me might pose. Okay. The name. Supposedly doing now. Mom he took on too light or you may be beads of this. Are all every year have been 3 PM there. RI a guy that sat against three for Britney right so bombed Katie. You are the. Have. I'm Britney yeah trillions oh really you know you pick your tickets Amy Schumer at that Lake Tahoe outdoor arena Porsche on Mendez Beagle once and. I don't win unless they need generic. On Sunday August 12. And inside out the air if I thought we did feel pressured. I don't know pressure well and then now without whatever the tickets that you picked Brittany a real give the other pair tickets just for playing okay. Awesome thanks guys stakes.