Old School Smackdown 6-22-17

Thursday, June 22nd

Listen to the Wake Up Call play another round of the "Old School Smackdown" and give away Lorde tickets:

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The wake up call. Why settle up the brains between Gavin and Katie on who has the most knowledge of old school songs. And some time you guys are really great at this as some of the times you guys are really terrible about it. Use your show arraignment. I Europe last it was rough but couldn't put a spy and he tells you what that's not my problem at feet. Feeling good or bad moment. Invite anti cancer on the line to see lord at the golden one senator she's going to be there in march of next year in only unity assist and get the emotional school songs right so. And is on for Al grove high in a good morning. You're playing with Katie this morning thank you not. Still had saw our end our Randi is on for now grow good morning Randi. All the money Randy you're playing again this morning and bring anti. IR zero when. You guys shouting out Randy with the Imus can throw a guy you guys shouting your name we need to get the answer and then now the most wins because very high here we go conceals school smackdown on the wake up call. Eat. Or says about the bug them. My kids download. All my life. Actually knew that line yeah. I decided I Islam Gemma Honeycutt read worried dumped me I knew darn beside me and Johnny. And then I'm then. CNN then you speed than you might use violent one sweeter than Jim Honeycutt. Mean roughly around the same sweetness OK I am I old school smackdown on the wake up call your son Herbert Hill. No. If this is the baby boy beyoncé. That is incorrect. Kidding. Keep playing her. Yeah. Guess these child then. Lou vibrant. I was gonna say if you got that went wrong intern Kevin has gone do. Allentown Mack tool you really glad they he really when you would've punched my faith did this Wall Street. That's five squads off. You know I and then I feel school smackdown awakened curry son of a break. It Devin got that on gamma what's your answer. Spider web snowed out. And out. I didn't go on vacation. I'll play good golf. But this referenced that you make sense to somebody that the high school right now. But everyone used that as there outgoing answering machine yeah. Alina doesn't get. Ali did that and actually this is not there is my favorite albums of all time no doubt tragic tragic and actually everything Obama has gotten. Incredible sound but then we know and we don't need kids don't let you know they'll have mentioned Sheen yeah when I hope I know why you ask the question. Our old school smackdown. Olds go back down on the wake up call. No those who earlier. Well. I did some time here. Gotti told about seagrams GA and does he drink then their paid a bullet. And I feel like. Load time you. Hey we had. Featured on there aren't I can't let him get a point now now the downside it's PD Pablo I'll go on an eleven point lead. Now live. First full one wedding. Like your mom wandered down instead of like sweetie yeah. It was mr. frequently served freak elite gaffe I'm very old school smackdown on the wake up call. Gavin. One headlight wall flowers. Here's the catch on trying to find. A variety of these guys haven't you forgot the peas like rock song no worst super gonna darn beasts on these. Well so. The DNA is. Yeah. Yes I'd rather you didn't. Worked in that really well in this like format of radio no we didn't like this kind of music yeah years before Wright and so he was injured inside the song name any artists for years years years that I. You're trying to make an excuse for why I'm better than you I accept that Gilbert high right now we're trying to prevent I this is that this is it getting it doesn't do when he reading. Old school smackdown on the wake up call. May hey shoot. Aaron I try to say goodbye and not. Something and I try. All sorry Iran. And I ain't me. So funny story so Macy Gray and opened for the Dave Matthews began as a AT&T park and differences go when I would see senior high school she'd just gotten off stage and they yelled at me for taking a picture of her as she was walking up the stage. Just think like just nobody warned no nobody knew she doesn't yet best guy did this song is popular at the time and that was it. I ninety as the that's safe and. And I congratulations. You are going goes do you guys see lord of the golden one senator okay. Yeah.