Old School Smackdown 6-23-16

Thursday, June 23rd

The Wake Up Call teams up with listeners to guess Old School jams for a chance to win G-Easy Tickets!


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We don't know. We season. 079. Are you guys writing this. Do anything with the song. As cheesy Vegas and police guys playing list Gavin a cliche good morning. You are playing for GC dig Ager playing with Gavin Casey is going to be playing along side of who influenced. Who's gay playing with. He's on the phone who's kitty playing with good job guys as our IP guys filling out here a mega mega mega mega and good morning. It may get Maggie you're in Katy are gonna stemming out and do his old school smackdown the other very lucky you're I'm apologizing at that time. Katie here or maybe. He thinks and here's our works and it's ladies song sad for them and they buzz in with their name and try to try to figure out. Try to figure out the names of the songs and the artists are you guys ready. He yeah I am already. Here we go. Oh old school smack down there are four points available for this song out well for possible points here on the lake golf. Get a superstar. One point by bode beat. Two points. Mace. They're using correct okay. And gay guess forever I don't know that's my. Utilizing K okay. Yeah gains anybody else wants a black backpack well you have to buzz in a gallery. My. That is another point. And it. Diddy. I know who. That is incorrect Macay McBride. Here. Also goes back down so I Gavin you've got one answered your points to wine it is other way to call old school smack down. Here 1079. The end are right. Next one. A week and it'll wind it's. You pointed out there isn't one gimme for me I know that Weezer Beverly Hills he has both points since our way through this drag. Hasn't. An all time now Miguel does your head down and all I. Do I had dealt polo on their pretty is let's not create a hoagie gotta wait fifteen years. September itself. Right are its old school smackdown here on the wake up call and a cliche you're ahead four points to one okay. She says in yell. Feels like he wants gathered when he. I picked the songs he just spends the real guy I have no fee no seen any this the next one here on the way to call this one's waned Evans we allows as well troubled school smackdown on on the and there are two points available for this one. You sit this one day. Look. It's. I preachers or three points list I will double check you make your everybody that Jay-Z beyoncé. Bonnie and Clyde. Who they're all correct incorrect and when Iran and you're right though there are three points available for this but those are the wrong artist I I missed out apparently to occasionally enjoy this. Sex not sex. I'll look. No talking just. And I seemingly gas here followed. All right you nothing is and I'd hate everybody knows Bob Bob Bob I'm amount bond now where. Hang on hang on your body guys your body I'm calm inaudible here a new rule Kim visited near him get it. A leisure. A Lisa Madigan either of you know. Now all right that was BTK with any bomb bomb bison as it did I and then I got so then you got a nice. Said B two K there I said Bob Bob Bob are very gal it is also smackdown we got out two more sons here two more songs this is a two point here. Here on the wake up call. Katie. Britney Spears. You drive me crazy as in correct incorrect. Yeah yeah. And aliens think. New housing drag you know is there a way that. Whether there was a lot meltdown to do real crank who. We share mega name of the song. Like it might who said that. Only unleashing gets a point for forget. That's a new rules are now it's time to wind I don't think he can win begin until last when he got our last one year old school smack down here on the end. Yes shaky tail feather by Nellie and yes two more ploy that. Does that go. What how bad parent and without drama and that was our boys to see. Plans. Why did it now when you're going to go to school back. Where it came rapport you can get it guys when people see these stores and I had to say I am I'm sorry Maggie and you did now win it was a blowout anyway as the score was. Seven to whine. Man congratulations Elise said police say you're gonna see G easy logic why do yo Gotti delay Abbott theatre July 9. I enjoy the show now congratulations for being the winner. Of this week's old school smackdown enjoy the show out.