Old School Smackdown 6-26-18

Tuesday, June 26th

Winner gets the choice of Harry Styles tickets or Ant-Man & Wasp tickets.

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The wake up call for. Smackdown time. Winner picture tickets today we have two spots on the guest list deceitful Meehan and the loss with intern Kevin. That's of the century Arden on July 6 you can actually text Sprint's. The 73389. For details and have you can see it Meehan and the loss for the intern Kevin thanks to our friends at sprint. Or you can win tickets to see Harry styles at the golden one senator on July 9 and like Kennedy who has been the old school smackdown today Megan from Sacramento good morning. Mining plan would Katie this morning okay. And Citi since I can't. Samantha from Al groh good morning. Your claim a Gavin this morning okay. Now ladies and you shout out your name yet they're really making clear what you're saying have you found. Exactly that's been done. Are our rules are simple I Gavin into ideal place and clips of some old school songs shadow you're name if you think you know it closest to title and artist gets the point. If Gavin and Katie don't know the song Samantha Nagin will go to you know closest it got shatter your name if you think you know the answer in closest to title and artist wouldn't that point okay. I. Guess reading yeah we go here's underlined old school smackdown on the wake up call. Devin knelt song called stop. And down. Over here. I don't remember me. And Katie and and get out judge that was it. Symantec Megan. No no nobody is technically Katie as I am shocked yeah national title is leave. I don't. Heard out. Well technically it is leave and get out OK and so BA SL in technically at the point one. Judge Joseph eyes still the youngest is. One of the youngest people ever have a hit song she gets reduced their team of very very good voice seemed like Morgan happened earned him. I. She probably made him. Nice clip the money off of that song and Angie was able to live the rest of her life like a normal person probably well yeah or so trying to eat it your passion is to be a singer and you can't be a singer there. Well a little bit of the back story because she was so young and inexperienced she can assign a bad contract. Songs which occur years to get out of my wish. I'm into music as she was kind of income that is a very sad story here. Did you finally got out of it everything's fine house and now look better not might excitement old school smackdown on the lake golf. Nellie. On his ticket to the other like a tale of chicken (%expletive) detailing a but it shouldn't show up should shed (%expletive) can. You tell whether the. I was trying to complicate that I don't know how you can. I thought I got my grade do you think dilated and they break up what we think chicken feather like no other. I don't know yeah. You're thinking they like detailed manner do you know what soundtrack songs from speed CM now. Something you. In that video yet that was to me I'll. Cool guy. And maybe you realize it is your mama's guide ass like reindeer whatever that means thanks deli there's not a themes vary your route and right. Hired an excellent. Area all schools Mac delicate call but doesn't lie and that com. Jimmy Eat World the metal. I didn't bother playing the music and I wanna try and give you an opportunity title this thought is not even in god. And look at that are now holed an argenbright Jimmy didn't judge Allan. Under the name of the song is to just take some time or something like that that I don't we just never really not a big as they don't sing the middle anywhere in the song. Well I don't know why it's about who don't let them more interest income to talk about Georgia gun trying she's mad and so I energies with Jimmy. Chan that is out there in the world. I hear an excellent also smacked a little wake up call by the way I Gavin to Katie one. All on. The Gavin. CJ. Kwon. You ready tomorrow night goodness sob bad comment you know why and and DeVon also says did eighties no guided dale. We got to put. It wouldn't really broken her earlier and who. And peace. Wow you know I. I don't wanna say and lost so much as one. After you learned man a man we all are you know I'll share with everybody we all want and I'd Samantha the Manger a big winner today. You're welcome bullet. You pick your tickets you can go to the premiere the intern Kevin deceit and man and the loss or tickets see Harry styles at the golden one senator. Here exiles he got it and then and then nine mega just replaying how will give you these said tickets to it in in the wasp okay. A EPO awesome thanks guys have a great day. Eat it.