Old School Smackdown 6/21/2018

Thursday, June 21st

The Wake Up Call play against each other with listeners in today edition of Old School Smackdown for their chance to win a pair of tickets to Kidz Bop live and the California State Fair. 

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The wake up call. Smack down here in the wake up call and prizes up for grabs. A four pack of tickets to see kids Bob lives at pop former peace park on July 16. And that's he gets to the California state fair to get in seemed to execute every time for the entire feeling. And and it's easy we just play a bunch of old school songs Gavin and Katie if you think you millions just to the songs. I shadow your name closest to title and artist it's the points and playing today. Dom from Sacramento good morning. Good morning duplicated this morning okay I have our own unique and Erica from Sacramento morning. Whiny plea again this morning okay. I am here it definitely thank you Erica. It's evident to any don't know the answer a dominate Erica mobile county and shatter your name if you think you know it. Closest to title and artist gets the points. Three points wins. Ready or you're asking them honest I'm asking everybody is that gonna I'm ready came to Denver and Erica check time. To be asked the judge can dom dom. A dumb like an hour and well. Thank you. Which do that now I'm like we're ready to take off I mean maybe. I love it there so a lot. Actually poised to actually it's back. Y yeah up. Gavin. In sync Backstreet Bakalar a. Dahmer Eric. Eric Erica what's your guess. Backstreet boy part of my. CNN guy and suit the again I was like and where the bats you forced puppets to. I don't that is just as distancing big excuse me Mary and acts Mary yes they work. Get it right Gavin nine million times I've told the difference between a pop and a Marion that a million. To add one more to it. I'd song you were too old school smacked generally could call him. Didn't. Say goodnight Eagle Eye Cherry. Not yet. No we're done. Don. Hey yeah. Sagan I three doors down. Dahmer Erica. I got nothing now know that point Gavin technically Gavin gets the points. It's eagle like scary he was right. Oh loss saved 109 C. And I saved and I this is the songs that every couple played for each other in 1999 when one of them went away to college. An example that Iverson couple. Plus gallons got to leave me. A year ago. Old school smacked Emily could call. One. It. No doubt. In non non. Katie all I want to Bonnie. Featuring EE rich girl. I could even do need appointees had no doubt even if she got to run. And then he's got. What do I know you made after that whether it's sad that it was inspired by Hitler on the route. Why he okayed. And rich if I read and write it cylinder engine and a buyers an excellent all schools that delicate call. And from school and comparisons. Didn't. See you. You Cheney. Shot me earned. The Sunday we'll have her and. I agreed. I infer that I don't need to heat he's the only thing I don't. It does not be able to help people say yeah I know I don't so I'm happy right. So when I right around your horizon. And everything he's saying now is going through that fills us up. Did nine an alligator. And V. I got nothing John Mayer I'd ides I do. Dahmer Erica. Air and Erica. On mayor no room. That would have been a win and that's it I Don last chance. I don't know enough then. Well Steve exactly Katie it's the boys are out. John Mayer. Here's the irony of this it's called no such statement. As John manner. Your rock stars on an all new news. The opportunity. To go into politics and become mayor mayor. I know. Is true. That person no matter how disgusting policies are just because giggle yeah. Guys to be this city and a lot more littered not last I don't like yeah. I made a rare look. At the next line this is game boy or a year old school smackdown on the wake up call yeah. KD. Air force why do. Now Lee. This song was called Nellie just don't know the actual lives by Nellie. Man. Erica sorry. I mean that's we know how. I. Wouldn't you had dual that I did not and that's. All I. Look at. You. Remember that dom got tickets. I do not good and yeah. I'm. I know there were no law a news that the I yeah. Yes. I. Salute you and now the efforts yeah. Yeah. I think it's my job doesn't she's delegate kids by. Am he would get kids bought the. Tickets he digs state fair and give kids Bob Ehrlich definitely begins when. You know we all lesbians in this and you're not sound like it cools mom she'd done it's. Read our.