Old School Smackdown 7-10-18

Tuesday, July 10th

The Wake Up Call plays another round of "Old School Smackdown" to give away tickets to see Jim Gaffigan.

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The wake up call. I'm letting old school smack down we have tickets that you can see comedian Jim gaffe again he's going to be at thunder valley casino resort on July 21 gathers up today taking a personal they sell. I think is the first time he's ever played and ensuring Kevin is you're good morning I'm. I'm ready to wish. And these are old school son's arm called school announced a whole idea of Gary hill yeah. I am is you act like anything that happened before you are born or wedding you were I younger child. Just doesn't exist I was studying that just part today can really what you study and I was listening to you destiny's tie on. TLC. Don't care. Now are the old school so soon. To groups that at. OK they're really guys that are really bad we'll see if you plan today and the old school smacked down a Renee from Stockton good morning. It Marmol who play McKinney this morning I may. And Todd from Oakley good morning. Good morning you're playing with intern Kevin this morning okay. Oh Adam. By the rules are easy it will play clips of some old school songs I Katie an intern Kevin if you think you know the answer shed out your name closest title and artist gets the point. If they don't know the song Renee and hobbled video shouting your name if you think you know it. If I get closest title and artist to give the points verse one it's free points wins. Because reading and writing are already being ready outcry and a sigh here we just saw on camera line old school smackdown on the wake up call. And two year old. I'll know. Mac tour and. DeVon what's your answer. Right catalyst and mark you just you sit your name yet I can't quite so. Zero all. Led away. So glad that TI. Mail I'd Todd are out today Todd Todd butchery answer. 20 point nine boy that. Take a while they. When my great team got Ben. Okay Daniel blue on the island til I mean I need Todd knew it. Yeah yeah and so this is just you know Pratt he. I got out thought I don't know. I mean I mean I know boat the deal. Okay. Good and then be in my time of. Our old school smacked him on the wake up call here is on number two. I've never heard. I can't. Finally. TLC. I am baiting us. It's IA's Karl. Like. Hotter Rene Rene Rene Richards yes. Sites say that again. BC. I. Get a title and okay. I think another tidy got to get some outside. I believe by a Winona Ryder. Let Winona Ryder odd odd that was finally by CC tennis did. Yeah people I know I think maintaining it's the point. Luck. I'm heads. I am in the bad luck and currents. Can do now. Have a old school snack I mean OK okay 2009. OK all right all right all right Kevin Al p.'s huge huge an excellent. Old school smackdown on the wake up call. Yeah. Snacks in them that it would make him. A it up okay and Katie. Surety and replay. Hoping you mean you act and live. Out of date fined or allow. I get. Not honor Todd. Replay by I add some wow. I adds. A matter old men playing I don't. I remember now the only sign you had dozens 2000 I don't know the only on he had been. I remembered. So might be sell lots of when I started on the air and Brady out okay because it was a huge hit and I certainly can't I hear it like. Warms my cold on a Kevin. Ranked technically Kevin got the point on that when they needed even know I'd any was even more to contemporary song for him. It was what he affluent. Yeah I did not all are all right seventy OK 81 here's the next one on the old school smackdown. Jane. Just behind. And had been. I was. Now let's I have two points and I actually earned bow wow Bob. All I don't act so hot loud and OK all right is it merely created ready to get we'll ideal way. Some of these are Gavin ask songs out at an idea that you know Ali Gavin thought I hear god here's an XY and this is that match point here old school smackdown in the wake up call. Don't. Hey we beat let me. A. That's him. Yeah. OK he had just earned a point for myself. And I thought wow. I have nothing on the plate for you and well why. In my fist or you know like god it's called on Clinton up. Well out Kevin congratulations. Lot of jury reigning champ feels odd Todd when he. We got you then we got you paired tickets to see comedian Jim GAAP begin July 21. Underbelly casino resort congratulations have a good time. Thank you. Yeah it's a wake up call.