Old School Smackdown 7-17-18

Tuesday, July 17th

The Wake Up Call plays another round of "Old School Smackdown" for tickets to attend the California State Fair:

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Wake up call. I'm the real skulls smack down. We have a four pack of tickets to the California state fair going on now through July 29 plus. The wake up call we're going to be broadcasting live this Friday night from five to seven at the California state fair. So if you wanna stop clients they had us we're going to be doing the wake up call top ten count down from around there which we do every night. Starting at 6 o'clock we've never done before we never. We don't know weekend yet and all the day crazies are gonna have some fun without void you'll get to see how we behave during the top ten countdown pick created an. It is wildly up refreshed. I just didn't know growth good morning. Monday may your play let your play it would Gavin this morning a guy I. Know why. God. Okay. Jacked my kind of liar and Jackie from Sacramento the morning. Good morning. That makes sense I'm not sure I'd be king said. Yeah. Quote speak clearer. Our aren't going the rules are easy Gavin and video played clips of some old school songs ring in with get your name closest to title and artist gets the point of Gavin and Katie don't know the answer I Justine in Jacqui will go to you guys. Yelling your name if you think you know at first when the three points wins are you reading. Aren't your radio old school smackdown of wake up call yeah. These we need. Even hole. He's I've. Basis. If you. Yeah. Cheney Brian McKnight for real. It's time. Mean he's. To name them. I mean you got life. I. Okay Gavin Edwards rendering him. We activate. Your old one for me Brian McKnight. Brian McKnight does now we count session. Just today Jacqui. Ducked into it just didn't do here I don't want from. Justin what's your guess. I'll. The now what indeed if you think. NS GM back in the day oh and her old MS. That can't want. What is the situation calls for that to be a jam are lovemaking that was today they cafeteria schooled insulin for me yeah. If I don't be nursing a baby. Whenever you. And what we're seeing idealism I don't like your excuses Jacqui just plug. And I ever got an excellent old school smacked Emily could call. Bridges heard this. Evan happy happy now. Now. Yeah Chris Brown hate on me. Justin or Jacki. Jospin just in. You are very mixed it's all wrong. I could Syria got a Laffy taffy market he says that at the beginning of the side right now. Yeah. Discontinuing. Narnia. That's jammed them. I really an excellent old school smackdown they could call. Yeah. Katy Perry and. And. He's happy she judge you should. I immunities that Canada. 2000. Bang. Gainey. T carry hot legal. He's our behavior. We hate kids here. What she need the she must I don't like your hair began. Good song that he does believe there and we started ears start making bad knee I think you guys should take back your hate. You need her hair take that back nine as I can hear her parents on the but I it is an excellent old school smackdown on the wake up call. Yeah Gavin blue bag up mambo number vibe. Kevin on the wind today. Congratulations Justin. I. Graduate and Jacqui good. I. Did keep playing in the if you grandson went. Your iPad loved hearing that song about a guides his rattle them off all the Kobe is girl that he batter a pair laser like yeah. I I exactly graduation is just get your four packets gets to the California state fair. Going on now until July 29 in the wake up call broadcasting live Friday from five to seven you're gonna go well congratulations. Thank you guys and got the.