Old School Smackdown 7-19-18

Thursday, July 19th

The Wake Up Call plays another round of 'Old School Smackdown' to give away tickets to the California State Fair.

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The wake up call. Go. I'm pretty old school track. Our favorite games we play here and be able four packets it gets to the California state fair going on now through July 29 at cal expo. And will be broadcasting a wakeup call top ten count down five. From the California state fair from five to seven on Friday nights if you wanna stop by and say hi to us that the air we love to stay ideal and would die L for years and funnel cakes and corn dogs they're known and well for years or else you're just now. That midwest. I I mean girls don't like something's somebody in the midwest would be alone OK. It's like a giant. Sneak I don't know I hope it's here and it's not bottle. Not a funnel cake a little different. Than mine will be that different. Most of these are great questions that can you know I don't Medicaid it hit eat any of it I and I now it's sad I'd sell our playing for tickets add to the California state fair today and playing is. He knocked. On constant. Danica thanks Gavin DeVon India their odds that's John I you're playing with a Gavin this morning moved. Day. And why now why this be your fourth loss in a row he I don't like alcohol. A. And playing with data this morning is Nicholas from Sacramento to morning and order. And Nicholas. Yeah and an intensity here. Are low plays includes a small school sons Gavin and Katie do you think you know the song shouting your name closest title and artist it's the point. If neither of these guys no lights and Nicholas in Tatiana if you wanna shatter your name closest title and artist gets the points. In first one to three points wins are is a broad reading yes I believe so where I'm located all right here we go sign a rewind old school smackdown of wake up call. At. Okay. The voice is giving him. Yeah. Enrique Iglesias feel like Lehman. And. OK I gather and they regained ladies in Iglesias can't escape my love. And escape my love. I thank god exists is that the orders data says oh right yeah. Now I am so mad but I need yeah play him as you have never did that thousand years. I here's an excellent we'll schools not delicate call and Gavin. And what it's like. By. Oh lead singer of house of pain in answer. Election count now. Whitey Ford. Of HTC brings. Cut guitar player. What it's like. Darius Rucker I. That's gonna Nicholas. Yet what it like that is tour. I'm sure guys Christian and I'm okay. DeVon was right before releasing your house of pain to foreground. But get them but get into this great songs GAAP just Whitey Ford sings the blues' title of the album. I'll Whitey Ford's wow just wow down. Well I'm censored bird oh there have said that it was yeah. Album Virginia and while. All are you know it's OC cannon to lie again and you can win it on this one right here okay to Asia next month old school snack delicate call. The beginning of worrying. Yeah me I'm. And it's easy for him. He got them. That then yeah. And you can yeah. Me and. It is now. In sync doesn't this sound sound like a parade. And I have. So when you clean. Yeah. Something. Yeah okay. Mangini. Street boys liquid treatments. And. I Nicholas Tatiana. Yeah. You'll note that. And got. This is like guys peeved by color boy band songs well Motown was the first ever making the band. Like that game. Thousand I think now that they would be human and actually won them. You know the sound. Really. Don't question I got all the time. Well I. I don't easy victory for Gavin today for a. I. Let I I. That was a fourth loss or rove for KVE. And a slob you know what you actually didn't get any of them yours I got the first one. And eat you might wanna learn how to count McCain now. Lay and. Law I kind of answered me. I choose not to non gay guys have. Gotten. You reading noisiest. And new outlook. I congratulations not Jana we got to a four pack of tickets to the California State you're going on now through a July 29. And we could call broadcasting live Friday night from five to seven we'll see out there okay congratulations.