Old School Smackdown 7-3-18

Tuesday, July 3rd

The Wake Up Call plays old school smackdown to win a lucky listener Harry Styles tickets.

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The wakeup call. I'm the old school smackdown pair of tickets to see Harry styles of the golden one senator on July 9 who's on the line today. And we're doing a special edition we're doing it. Summer time party songs. It is old school there's still stuck at us so feed from boulder or good morning. You claim a Gavin this morning okay. All right and Josh from RT good morning. It. And explain to Katie this morning. Rules are crazy Gavin and video played clips of some old school songs shadow that your name if you think you know the answer closest title and artist it's the point in Afghan and and Katie don't know the song Sophie and Josh. A will go to you yell out your name if you think you know it closest title and artist it's the point. First of three points wins are right. Karen here we go here you know we'll kick it off song number one old school smackdown on the wakeup call. I am a that is what this summer you play during the summer and you can't get the court. During the summer dance. He wouldn't play it slows song in the summer oh OK I thought I mean you know what I misunderstood. Party and tell me you don't hear the sound and I gotta like gay bull party I'm coming back with more story than what music did they play a negative. It's actually got a list of all the summer added tongue thing all right tag team. He's up on the board with the Madonna vote argue we are an excellent. Old school smackdown of wake up call summer party songs today. Not good vibrations Marky mark and the funky by. I got the whole thing. And he was he thought I was gonna forget about the funky bunch but I would never forget about the better your favorite part of the groups they are my favorite bunch reps down. A lot of people aren't trying to flop flop Oscar nominated Marky Mark right. He does a lot of B he is right a lot of people to forget about the funky bunch but trials. Are a little funky bunch and we're doing during the song. Flu hitting got a funky bunch let me. They see about decline and that thing she's fighting yet. They needed someone missing the hooks on all the song to brilliant remark my card right huge thing is hot right. Never. The clips in the video where he's expressing a bar with cinder blocks are not happy yet it looks really doubly good relief to cinder block the not very heavy. Named Alvin and I just summer party site edition of the old school smackdown here's an excellent. Gavin phrase you fat boy slam. Who didn't. No we have not we. Yeah Palestinian front those tank. It's a great song one of the best one of the best party songs ever. This kind of started double EBM revolution back there in debt that it did that in CN storm by two reveals that the team didn't. Can get and get the nod from gave an island while Liz is revenue. Wow she eased somewhat better than scheme point yeah I Gavin sue Katie line. Summer dance party song addition on the old school smackdown is an excellent. And. Eighty. I own. I had just like rid. Lawmaker. You know well. Blue and blue April 65. I mean I know yeah. Here you BX. Back out to cool the next step. I'd be Biden boogie Boggs kinda. Wow I am impressed don't beat. I can't complain he's been doing it. He. We got invited greed and a daddy now all of that stuff the war is a little. It would be gone down and slide does satisfy. I would die who doesn't. It's time when green yeah. So we congratulate her big winner today. And and then. Old clothes back on shark and pretending all those time I go yeah the sunlight again Adam I mean he's gonna not a matter. Oh. Yeah. Think you're about a half yet wow I doubt we'll let you can't today. The weight of.