Old School Smackdown 8-11-16

Thursday, August 11th

The Wake Up Call play the Old School Smackdown for an opportunity to watch Don't Breathe during a movie premiere with Gavin...


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The wake up call. That's no surprise could go. Sometimes you can tell whether what this movie for playing for him golf. And we got to. Another very special private screenings guaranteed these changes need bigger than a week and it's going to be amazing the video looks amazing I posted the red band trailer. On my out FaceBook page this morning. We have breaking news from back familiar McClain in Denver shot to go to the movies were adamant business premier and back and they'll work it's going to be worth the drive you now he had no. Win now OK so we're plain old school smackdown and let's meet your opponent Britney first thing you never any. I'm here okay Howard. Our great great great and let's talk to Chris Chris is from Roosevelt Chris you're playing with Katie. We aren't crest night any GOK so here's how it's gonna work a new plan semis songs this fall under our definition of old school. And indicating Gavin are gonna have first crack at these songs they'll buzz in my young add their name. And tank artist and song title if they get stumped for whatever reason we will go to you guys okay. We are also buzzing with your own name so you are right. Let's do this old school smackdown here on the wake up call. Madonna. One point. Second hey mr. Your second and instant. All right Dan you are now limited to either you know the song titles. No real play all right linebacker they'll. Tell us. I never thought I don't. OK it is like a virgin hey it is like conversion but it's called this isn't remakes called music you know he is that I. They. May or playing. On the. None of the title be clear if the so Katie just Dow one point oh old school smackdown here on the wake up call by next line. On this was suggested by someone so it's too easy it's not I'm not I'm not taken the blame for Dennis. How mom. I and then Bobby Hanson. Points. Viewpoints freely operating. Me and my sister lives in on my feedback right away as not something new and and they prove prove you have you know I'm a little ahead. I think. Hanson fans can't he see that thing Zach can't the little in Athens might just had their fourth child this pork and between the three boy is he'll. Twelve children. Holy pregnant have. Yeah I didn't play favorite enthusiasm yes I was telling had a better kind of semi he was also my favorite for the same reasons I. Evans went into YouTube. And he really needs. Just my take a point away do more time how dare you and I am Tom talking for real oh shaken up our next line here on the wakeup call old school smackdown. Gavin. Resentments. You. One side. It's now on now throughout. Why did you. He did Clinton and again keep Aaron ten seconds anyway I think we're good you know we'll put them. I thought okay. I guess Cheney ES. And that's Latin. Then right thing and artist that. Cody meet and I know they do me a favor and see if there was a rematch with it because it's. Good diversion I have years back that 00 and yet know the title the alternate the other title and do you give any points vacated. Yeah a lot of buzz into that. The bird man now not birds and now Brady wanted guest. Look I don't. She's human dial back that's saying. Yeah I know I mean. Raise your right Brady never Baghdad fanning out to embellish exhumation that Syria I'm pretty sure wasn't back that ass out. That may have been another song and hip Oscars as of now. We all know what to back that now. Katie gets the point issues that you vs out of my juvenile that it has backed pass up a gym and now I do I will give our one point two guys got one point. Next year's user tied going into the final 20. Five total points for the last two songs so there's a chance. No matter what here someone could win are right. Old school smack down on the late call. What plays in the get a massage. And you know. Are things. Hanging on to our lessons here. I'm Jeannie most aliens in sync. Elmo's south and it is insane and. And let's open up to our contestants. Training. And those words Chris. Yeah okay Chris. My god you know anything like they hate. The pan out it's it's no losses and saying. This I promise you this and yeah. See now. There are going out and on the London area. Think as that sounds more like Ella. Does the prompting him last last one year Gavin and yet this UN he at all. And I know but it's 320 with a three point song. He needs it says you when giving them letting him know he manages yeah I know on that aren't so the last one here I'm going to call this is two artists one song title old school smackdown. Here on the wake up call. It sends a sad god. Man Dr. Dre. Was a clear black Mac on your watch how much I can see. I've given more time. Wearing seat and I don't. Song I don't need him to be one point for Dr. Dre well. Old school smackdown here on the latest. I'm distract. Only legal couple they don't come. Why didn't end so you guys. And 52. My sleep it's a. Again yeah I that's a Tibetan snoop dog that's one point. And. Boom boom boom. No amount. You know songs I don't know and we can get another point by the way they dog is it that's my bat and I got up and sell the wing team medal that was. What does that say god hates dog cart in the next episode. The funny thing about this is the original version of the songs like fire NASA met the radio weather is two minutes and 37 seconds I think there was a managed to America. It's amazing hey some of their winner here. And maybe just one congratulations. To you. Did you know Chris you're going to be going to move and you're gonna go to the movies or Gavin nice and we kind of knew this going in in and dance Gavin. Darren we have capacity and Mike we can entertain a fantastic wins we go yes over and you're gonna Wear them to know thank. Well I NE she's still there hang on congratulations guys.