Old School Smackdown 8-21-18

Tuesday, August 21st

The Wake Up Call plays another round of "Old School Smackdown" to give away tickets to Sam Smith tickets:

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The wake up call. I'm getting old school smacked down. We have tickets to see CM Smith. Friday night at the golden one senator for the winner of the old school smackdown today that it could be where. Good morning Rene. Rick Rene your slightly kidding this morning okay. Yeah or yeah. Or it could be. Good morning okay. More or little rose that's my mom's. I got a good feeling about this. I sell I miss. Were day's play a little bit of a disadvantage let us remind we could call list here's one. That I lord why. I you been listening what Kenny doesn't want old school snack down in awhile come on. Get an official tally of how many do we need I need to we don't need bowls if she can pull out a victory today right. Rules are simple gap I think he'll play it and clips of some old school songs if you think you know it shatter your name closest title and artist it's the point. Gammon to eighty don't know Renee and rose will go to you shatter your name if you think you know it's. Closest title and artist gets the point first one to three points wins we ready to play. Yes yeah okay you're up for a song old school smackdown of wake up call so. Katie. Now Lil Kim. Some. Christina Aguilera and what they call up. One. And it's not Christina Aguilera told him and hundreds. It's. And Yemen Libya law. Lil Kim Elliott Christina Aguilera and I believed. What was her name I had my. He contributed Kelly in the air she's credited as the producer in which he did make an appearance attitudes and you need to. It's such a great idea rob my brain wow how big might be wrong with my brain. And from the movie Moulin Rouge right to the sun is leading mumbling. Full length and strength. How horrible we can't quit getting ladies you can seems. She. Already does it Olbermann. The loot and. Clear right kick and I status out here. Katie. I want you win I'll that's night is some B now I do I genuinely do because you want in awhile. So I want you and I applaud you. Yeah that's. Do what loser. Is on our. India held to violate and an ugly all right and here we go song now. All song number two witnesses from producer games collection okay. You're heading out there yet an excellent old school smackdown on the wake up call. Remember. And Adam. Happy he. Okay hold on. And. It's gotten. Yeah I yeah I app that's happening. He took him. I can't do it. Yeah. Again. Copied nothing left to lose. Browser Renee. Set up well here basically. Hey hey hey. Mercy now OK okay this. Rene Rene what is your guess. Mercy. Up. My name. All wrong or bad that comes hard day out of they got that got them on every kid you know. You have to be just nice to see what you're doing because you feel sorry no that's not that's not an it's kind of true I were all tied up 11 old school smackdown on the way to go here's an excellent. It. Paralyze her finger last night. I never understood why this with the pop there. The league a lot of people in contact. Please not let things that I'm fine by me no. That. Was it to be honest I want to advocate at a what does it yeah. I after all it real and yet don't always Kelly Y nine era got an excellent all schools smackdown on the lake golf. Now my neck and okay. Will get jiggy with elm. Some. Not his job. Bunker Obama yeah. Better tonight Gavin. Will Smith's which. To win. This isn't in that movie was important was the superhero thing and right now let's see kids that's undated may call the song's lyrics around. And by god and them. Not so let's go to the. The scoreboard. Yeah Katie was in the. Gavin the so. Awkward year at soccer and I'm telling you Katie I'm rooting for use. My brain did the normal. And what. I mean he buried it's not that I'm bad. And okay text 733 tie. Diagnosis. For what eighty brain problem. You mean I don't and I. We mean is spots we all know that need to be met instead they'll be immediate and don't be nineties. OK so what that means that. Bombed the winner today is routes congratulations. It's. I think that that runs when that I don't think Renee knows who we are etc. I don't think he never lets that shot and bad guys and the doubling. Roads I congratulations. On Friday night you're gonna does he see him Smith and the thrill of adults who were at the golden one senator tickets still available at live nation dot com congratulations. Yeah congratulations medical punch file based.