Old School Smackdown 8-7-18

Tuesday, August 7th

The Wake Up Call plays another round of 'Old School Smackdown' to give a tickets to see Jo Koy.

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The wake up call. It's time for the old school smacked down filling in for Katie today. Intern Kevin good morning intern Kevin Madden marred. And I usually we have songs that are on the old school smackdown that are from before the time intern Kevin was born right. In his defense right but that doesn't know anything from before he was a war that show. Won't change it up a little bit it will put some songs in here they came out half year old boy. Lou a load that means your limousine we'll find out Dell out wrecks from Sacramento good morning. Lamar and I don't let your play a Gavin this morning a Panama Iraq grave and Alexis from Sacramento good morning. You play with Kevin this morning. It our playing prepared tickets to see Joseph Cole late Friday night. A thunder valley casino resort it's a great comedy show. In the tickets are still available. A thunder valley casino resorts well played clips of some old school songs Gavin and Kevin if you think you know the answer shatter your name closest to title and artist it's the point. If Gavin and Kevin don't know racan Alexa will come to yield shatter your name if you think you know it closest to title and artist it's the point. First one to three points wins ever won at a rally ends early rain here we go outside number one old school smackdown on the wake up call. I. Then ask. Should I explain that don't impress me much. It's a bit. You know should I swing and no one's much. CEO would play. You like country claws over the border area and land country day doll she was like to Kerry Underwood before Carrie Underwood right yeah. Underway at his way matter Taylor Swift is knew she nights Wednesday no. Never had some fun now Taylor's play better. You'll want the guys you like breaks it down to hear rocket scientists that don't. No mind now. I don't know I mean you know the country's long when she's not impressed by intelligent. I hear we got next song sung number two old school smacked analytical. We'll all know Rihanna. I'm not. Well. I got too excited. And yeah not I don't know if it got too excited. Nelson does 300. You know. Well did you like Rihanna. Wow. I dared say hi. He did get Rihanna right to know Izod I don't blame and that awaited. Is going to be a shot out. Now I don't know and I don't got no win I've got to win. Don't give up my mail access. All right you ready here we got an Emmy on I think Alexis hung out. The old schools academically good golf. I guess. No it. This is how we do it. Live Deval. You don't know how old. How bad. This is ideal. But what's not one doubt Paul McCartney. It's The Who pulled the car you'd think hair from what end. Disney's how. Do you record Alexis you have an idea where Rick would you guess. That we do it all bad. Alexis it's your chance. On. That is. Our. Even by guessing that. Beatle fan of the. It. Our problem. Well prepared they are from the sixties to the wow yeah really all that ill Kevin things that Paul McCartney says that guy who backed up Kanye West one time. Right. I hear an excellent old school smacked delicate call. Good to. Moment. Helicopter. Wow this is. This album. Up now is that a clean version Highlander and others on them was. There was little dirty I don't know I got a dirty version and there waiting game waiting they'll gain. If can I guest artists and not on Mel yeah we're moving on. Old line are an excellent old school smackdown the wake up call. Yeah. If there's definitely aren't being a good job Kevin. Maybe. Home message is so. Rounds and home page and it's in bonuses oh they nobody since oh my god and it's. That he gives. Texas some music. Scene and a witness. I. Pinch of low but did send him. While it. But it takes on the actually I think. This thing just to keep it decent enough that we don't think that we quite. I can get them. I don't get it right. Gavin. Girl on the Arian. A brick which I guess. I'm telling you go. Kirk is on. All that he job. Hi this is a fabulous if this is I don't know how bullet was not aids sickle logo you know this game out 1960 want to. I have one more chance now don't they just lost a step yeah how could it your terrible cancerous on the street. Black flag mighty takes a last line now now now it now and then yeah. How Ricky congratulations to get your tickets to see Joseph cool way it's Friday night thunder valley casino resort tickets still available congratulations. Also doubled in the negative and personal in monkeys in the Joseph gas have a great tunnel. So we just call.