Old School Smackdown 9-13-18

Thursday, September 13th

The Wake Up Call play another round of "Old School Smackdown" to give away tickets to Lindsey Sterling:

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The wake up call. Kind of play the old school smackdown Myra from Stockton good morning. When you're playing with Katie this morning okay. Warrants yeah. And thin out MAC good morning. Coral tiger play again this morning a guy. Our rights old school smacked him rules are easy will play some clips of some old school songs. Evan Katie if you think you know the answer shed out your name closest to title and artist gets the point. If Gavin in case you don't know Myron Macy will can you guys shatter your Amy T think you know it's. Closest to title and artist gets the point first one with three points wins in your playing for tickets to seed Lindsay sterling and the golden one senator who on November 24. Now. She's on a high rights. That is she one on Tuesday for the first time in many weeks. I have first I have on Ariza aren't heeding that is true out now while okay all right soul CB employ about Gavin to you guys ready Jack. Alas here we go sung number one an old school smackdown of the wake up call. Gavin. Oh no and you enough. I was about to say now at the Roxbury that is that is movie on. Rochelle. And our rock hell. It's one of those still maybe. And tickets go boom boom. Hey. I hurt mean a real McCoy. Miron may see. Who were on. You may see Macy would you guess. Can't hear me. Now. Meyer last so. And what it now. Well technically out what is what is. The title. Had a way is the group so. They might arrogance. It's stupid that we did. Big advantage I saw what. Well I could have won this title that like didn't didn't apply to the song at all. How to weigh it and I'm like god talk about limping across the finish line then all four of us hey you know I think the point. I hear an excellent old school smacked delicate call. TD dating Britney Spears crazy. Typically you drive me crazy. But I can theatrical and on that. You drive me crazy brother Brandon per indices all the end. Two on the board already on the border. Whether it's freaky Friday we switched bodies. I got cut. Are you re an excellent old school smackdown on the lake golf show. I even told he'd pick these songs out up off. Sandstorm. This donation. The it's a warm sand at. The GOP and. Macy are Mira. And that on my opinion. I can I think that I guess that don't count it doesn't count. You're gonna get zombie nation no. But technically it is called CM storms. And a point. Don't root death. The root path who's on the news or domination daddy do the other bowl title the following here at all. That's fun. Irate. Or got actual an old school smackdown on the lake golf. These songs. Creating. Cash out on. Top. Thank you just absolutely and it's consistent on CN commentary. I'm in them every. Comes in and open. Oh. Yeah yeah. Yeah. I aimed. Yeah. Well the. I know it. You can check. You look at my drug now does. She is. I've got how much she was like Katy Perry when she first came out oh yeah she is and everything she added Tony hits and. He beat cash. He did is this game port yes this game point we are all tied up mommy. Yeah I would've gotten catch up eventually but not as I. I got mad I wouldn't it pilots still a lot of thought I was wobbled lost sounds them all right here we go this little wins it old school smacked delicate call. Nellie. And. And the song about steadily gotten us. In England. And the debris. PG and see what happens to all of them number two Australians yeah. You can't let alone and not only comes into a Muslim. And Abby. That was taken from the man who she and opinions. You Namibia where I don't know and in its cabinet and of course. Yeah at all. Oh yeah. I was in a minute. Oh my god I. New rule we had a minute song goes long. Yeah. Either about does yeah not all strategy okay now only. Yeah sure how. Final against financing. AC in my era. Now only wait and wait I didn't I was let me see us currency may see what your guests. Eat that is tour. Macy with the way at the very real mad Jerry Y. I mean the Lira and I don't like the it adds. No. But yeah I don't. Yeah get beyond. Yeah. But yeah it doesn't matter I want. And all its have Macy and DeVon it today. I should just scared tickets to Lindsay sterling at the golden one senator November 24 may see have a great time okay. Welcome.