Orlando Bloom / Katy Perry PDA

Monday, August 8th

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have been making headlines since they have been on vacation. Last week, Orlando Bloom couldn't seem to keep his pants on. And now, Orlando can't seem to keep his hands off Katy! Listen to the Wake Up Call talk about the PDA between the two stars...


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Every near the movie expert on the shall. A time that's when Orlando Bloom did those Lord of the Rings movies with he six years old they think he's thirteen now. The way he's been acting in public. With Katy Perry you mean physically now I'm just a make or on both emotionally. Orlando Bloom we saw a naked pictures last week they look at penis but that was like the pictured seemed like I was when he was trying to show the girls are seen monster. Rights. But then over the weekend. Yesterday some pictures came out where Katy Perry looks and she's sitting in the sand Katie where where is this editing in the water. So are still Italy eat yet there are beasts. And am I finished what he's doing he's just honked in honor boobs like like a case. Cool like OK it's like I mean I would yield should the words out of my mouth he was found on her very honking is probably the best way to describe what he's doing and are they impressive moves Gavin heroes our blue expert. Mean there are massively impressive yeah and that's the only the only thing that I'll say in Orlando blooms defense. Is that I was around somebody as hot as Katy Perry and I was allowed to do stuff store body I don't know how I got to sign our bodies so greater return any man into roughly thirty year old boy possibly OK so when it comes to PDA though. That I for a cannot stand that is to me is crossing the line anything like. Hugging kissing and holding hands or no big deal by. Either Hong came on the boobs in public. Is too far in my opinion I think worse than hunting on the boobs to at least I can relate to Iron Man again that they are nice. It's like. It would go I think worsen that would be. If you do that weird thing where you happen to slip your hand it to someone's back pocket of beautiful he had that is always that's always like that stuff onto the yeah that's a little line. Said that the ad he's Biden. Feeling her have been public OK that's a little much especially good in the picture. But like a really close behind them you can see it bearing pregnant woman so I didn't see a busy deeds with AM leans. So like OK don't grab boobs invited kids. This day. The sweet but they're so we reach out there. Together for a minute now and it. He's still seem like they just Kinchen and not each other I think it can yeah you know. You know I always show that if PPP's are more pictures of them can sing. Is huddling it is pictured is sickly public cut like this key I wish her boo. I understand that but it wasn't like he was like. Well like I intention these boobs like a make out sash kind of tax now it was more like kids you've got to hug the person boobs with your heat and said that he was doing and that's what a thirteen year old boy would do we know it's not all hello. I've got you know. He's I think the exact topic I think that it does shows a level of comfort to all of us where it's like yes these are boobs I'm so comfortable this person I barely even. Recognize them as the only thing probably. More immature would've been if he took one finger just poke dynamite moves. Like that would have been a Mormon church and yet. And felt up by teenage boys and not enough. You tell I am telling you know there is. It's different but what he's doing it is it's it's essentially. Snuggling in her but just turned part okay. Regardless of of the maturity level of what he's doing I don't wanna see it. I don't like PDAs. I don't like PDAs from celebrities. Alec PDAs. In private did the whole. Question is that because you hate people are happy. That's all I'll admit that's part of it again. Again you private private display and thanks as always right sometimes it's funny like when you see the two teenagers walking past you would the mall. And one of the looks like a hostage because there. Not just holding hands but one has their arm around the other line and they're like if escorting each other you're talking about you. That's funny to me but like reply go and and seeing somebody one the girls like straddling him and sitting there and make it out just like holding its like. And he's going. All of and why why are you doing that public and yeah well it's not an. Well you can and I'm like hey why he. Yells at yeah I believe that we're in the middle JC Penney go home. We had like the sword at the timing of plays but yeah I'd. O'Donnell is in Florida yes of course I figured you wouldn't be. They might try. To my publicly. Feel like I'm not the idiot in that scenario I. I know you pledged booms if you're Katy Perry what are your boo Wayne your AM and I hit a year Katy Perry you're in that situation you're sitting there and he's honk at them again that's the best way. To describe it any other grass you can you can see the picture we're talking about just takes boobs BO OB as to 73389. If you're in that situation you're hurt he's hunt in the boobs. What thoughts are going through your mind I. Stock then really acknowledged. All problems yes. Wow. He reasonable.