Oysters for Breakfast

Friday, June 15th

Katie eats so strange things in the morning like oysters, the Wake Up Call get at her for eating oysters for breakfast:

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So here's a behind the scenes here on the wake up call because we're in so early Lotta times I was in 99% of the time we have to packer on food and drink from home because usually nothing's open yet we can't get our own food became good chemistry go get it. Katie Pactiv very interesting. Food selection today. What are these. When the least resident shelves. You are she's there again you're timing is yeah oysters. Yeah I wore. We at. Earlier than other people like rain sad so this time of day it is feels like at lunch time there's still little lunch food. Yeah I know dig it. Our society. And whether you allowed me to oysters in the evening when you're wearing a tuxedo. When a top down and not rob right. I think debris to work I'm just think it's really weird thing to bring to work or just some foods that you just can't bring to work OK please listen like I brought hand. Didn't talk to anybody. Just walked in here with a whole roast beef on a cutting trying to trying to put it down and you guys go. What the hell hello I've scope that's what. Guy can happen rose freshly cut. OK that I access it right keep it could Tupperware Bennett what it would be fine. I I think everything I cannot tell. What. Would it be booted and Tupperware you still can't forget the normal food knowledge about Robin like moose testicles there's some. Like any normal food like something that people goodies that night when their wares and even. I. On the OK so Kevin eat a lot of weird stuff today so don't you think it would be weird if that this time in the the morning news all over and just saw Kevin eating some sort of follow with the fish head floating out but I didn't know what. Or would think it was cultural so I wouldn't think it was means I mean it's cultural but still not up I mean other cultures still would say like he had no about it not the morning. Why in more time. It back at the same about a time of somebody who eat lunch at Luna. Why is that you have to have like. Breakfast cereal in the morning who did that bride I don't know but it's an aids and Taylor is oldest time. And I'm not an end we is that the food itself it's how she's eating it like Rick and in the room. How I noticed that she was eating oyster was she she of these David turner backed me but I can tell all raised and I could hear. Well a gay. There's only like the exact time and I got robbed but I didn't have a full marks are good is cut didn't do items I had. I had the dirty and I I do not know what happened. And I don't think Alomar would that be okay. It would be okay we are important thing is okay Aaron yeah I mean it's now 100%. Approved but I would say it's like out. Sure. Looks OK okay what it and play with now now that's an oyster for putting up. Think about hard shell. Good that's good barometer well they're a lot surgeon had to be weird dab in the morning what are specific details. Katie did these shell at first for some men may batter a it just came in here with the oysters already thinning out. And like a final bold can deal butter that you can't wait to nuke in the microwave or something I would feel like that's okay that's better I would never could ace in the microwave network. What would. You're saving mode. Cell patient now. Most shell them okay now while I didn't value I have eaten shellfish that's for men and he'd we use. We all the streets. No. Pictures public a protein bar. GOK then why can't you just heaven non very non soy protein bar that does sound bullish and assessed a he not out until you. You all in the mornings. Non solely non dairy protein bars at me. And we can both enjoy that began in the fifth oh. Allergic to that stuff got me. I. Minas oysters and get random thing yeah they know. Saying things that that he does not need to know what to say Kennedy and I curator and me when mom and dad fight and a half a.