Friday, January 19th

 Producer Gabe found an article saying that PAWternity is a growing trend for companies…in Scotland.


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And a six idea Gavin Katie and rain. Greens are gain easier to morning gave you morning so and you found an article about its company is over in Scotland yes. Data are offering something similar to maternity leave but better. How is it better well he would balance the mother right exactly. Why can't have a child but I can't have a puppy or a cat. And that's what ha paternity leave. PAW. Yes. These companies are giving you a week off. When you get a dog or cat or basically just a new pet in your life now. Pay. I hate it's like it's like it's like eternity Ernie yes. We need. You don't need that here it's not the same it's not this. He's added they had its name ID say that there is value. To having a week got. To be in your baby animal mother saying that when you first get an animal. You need to be there kind of in the formative weeks doesn't like when you get a new puppy a day he left alone for very long right. And that's super healthy for yourself. Spending time around I'll by the use. Hey that we need to point out I. Didn't smell. And other crops. Ready and all the bad that ever happened. Yes the animal in need like. All yeah. Yeah this animal yeah. I don't think those eggs and he's began yeah it's important point that out as well how loon. Can you do this for me or just a dog or cat and you can discriminate you write what who said the goldfish is any less valuable than a. This. Attention span of seven seconds that animal doesn't need you there for a week well I don't know I don't make the rule of can yeah. Did beat their first cat the kid we need to be there for the kid of course you didn't know Udall. And Karadzic and he. Now you need to go lay down with your kitten and yeah. All. Of the bowel. What would be awesome for you as opposed to what would be good for the past. If you don't we just huddled up. Earnestness. That's fair enough so get paid for so when I got my dog Henry when he was a puppy he was only weeks old. I got a Mona thighs Saturday morning so I handled a Saturday alt a Sunday but on Monday when I had to going to work I was like. This is going to be tough. Only because he's branded and house I had egg crate train him in the hole being. So. Say we mean. The I I. Wow OK Katie you parent and a dog owner. Any reason is there anything that would make this in even Stephen kind of thing. Is cited it as important as maternity leave it's not. There will saying. That's a very member YOK okay I. Feel like. Yeah. We get these days not we sobbed. And you'll then be on board yeah it's probably armed and everybody's. Problem for UI is. I'm out at what point do we draw the line like about it but. Let's say you just wanted to whole bunch of plot turn to believe Vijay is every few weeks could have compounded get a strike. Eighteen yeah. Exit 73 I in the the great idea are dumb idea because. I'm pretty injured the damn idea you guys I tell you if if I. Worked a job and a co worker took a week off feet. So that they could raise up puppy. I would lose it blow again I ask you you would get the same treatment. If I got a dog great. I'll do that dot here's the worker round okay we're all gonna do this is society deep in rain and I don't count I gotta stretch I come home I take my maternity leave and then. Akamai paternity leave without God's ideal return stray right back at all or yeah. All know what that's like didn't work out right it on the left collar blue are laggards don't like that. And guy doing all over again just got to keep my perfect dog guides you on.