Pay Your Age At Build A Bear

Friday, July 13th


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Go sack. No signify. Mostly sunny today I've got 85 or broadcast it live this morning from the hills cop beyond second streets in Davis. May yet how crazy it was yesterday so. Bill the bear which would seem like if you're glad to seven that's probably one of the most popular stories you go to in Euro all right. To build a better promotion yesterday where they said. You can paid for a bear of whatever your ages. Of the year I'm assuming that if your age is why you pay five dollars or Build-A-Bear. How much average build their costs like that. I need it rain and then they have cost him so it could be yeah. Kabila. It's a spot so they issue that they had yesterday wise it was so big. They have such a massive line at all their Build-A-Bear stores and not just in the United States but all over the world. That it was a promotion was so successful way to shut down the lines early. It was around jobs like 10 AM Nadia McKinney of our time. So obviously you relate here in California. You either were at the front of the line and it got shut down but obviously people you know more on the East Coast you're further down the line but they shut up because they had so many people. In it was chaos with a decided he was. You know I think that. You can. Let them know that you were in line and they're actually trying to hand out like coupons or something like a guy like you that you could redeemed at any time you want but. That the fact that even here wrote to rose bill. At such a massive line Gavin posted up on his instrument yesterday the path of that that ridiculous double wines that they had it Roosevelt. It was like. From the bill -- store. All going down not the Apple Store and then it and act out again aunt and that the Disney store. So we had Katie on the phone who was in line yesterday it rose villas that correct. Tell us about your experience of of being at light waiting for that yesterday where how far it line worry. I'm in UPI. Bringing you are now forty people ahead of me in my. And were you able to get it they get the bear and can we ask how much you paid for your. Build-A-Bear. We paid four dollars and three kids. And what we had gotten at 11:35 in the morning. We got the front of the line and Ole Ole. Lot in the door I don't know what can get into the door because believe the price was like into question a million people. That we got three different animals. And people dollars. And not the next. Decade he can. You question that on the lips of every line. Why the hell would you do this college when he possibly save waiting three hours and hours is not a compared with other people are expert yeah go on its program that was there all day waited eleven. Oh man yeah I heard people waited twelve hours a please be kind. Our thing. About it three kids out there and when he tied box. Or we need a lot of money. And let you know after you hollered. Out she yeah. I guess I get like they think 75 dollars. The heat on that's achieve that she would have. But. Yeah says that five dollars great but for Howard eating. By god to be picky so much for the call have a great day okay. Knew it. G and it's works at a Build-A-Bear and he was at work yesterday to get a good morning. And renewal party. Janet yeah gas mask applied to. Earth survivor. Like that Europa but that if and it really. So how crazy was yesterday give us a little bit of play by play. It's. But there were my age. But I can and not the answer but I like to write a little guy get there I can't eat. And not at my dog leg and my little eight daylight but the coming and I just. Yet the we open and me because you people then people are looking lineup like I 36 o'clock in the morning. So I punched they lose and I immediately get out of whack and pillow. Hanging ten and. Like god. Ahead of you that. Obviously delivered to the becoming the third there idea. What everybody likes that lets them. I can't believe that we didn't look like that it is important effect and at the found expected that Buick is taking their gain actual pretty bad day I'm not a huge Condit who line that wrapped around. They'll vote we heard the shot. I am trying out and actually at nine and. I beat you are now. Are shocked corporate Build-A-Bear and the expression. It was such success it was a failure was used than likely actual statement I liked them. I mean Gianna at what point did you quickly realize we are in over our head and this is a nightmare. It. It. Weigh in and actually didn't even think about that honestly we migrate more. You know that was out there. Okay and you don't kinda good that he is that we are really good. I love the talking about like soldier. Like I. Did before you got your heart it's funny it's that thing like that you're gonna handle everything went inside and put it inside view that for you'd share. Janet picks the call we appreciate it one more outcome of mass is it Laney. Laney good morning. Hi Melanie. I'm Melanie tells about her experience ability yesterday. In. Urged middle line first in rose at wow wow. Isn't. There. It. Six a at at and when you showed up and know what was there. First off how did you get it to look closed mall. I think it always thought no it was there or did you feel like. Aaron we have the wrong day he. Current. As me at the where we're going in read the writing born over by me so right now and open. Outsmart. You don't. Leave that out before at 6 AM oh I don't know. You knew what Build-A-Bear didn't what was that this study found that the people are going to be. I am very big black writings. I. Any. While they have the within. I I I personally think all of you people are not that but I'm glad you got the thieving that you do what's what is that the fallout from. Is so many people got turned away. That now Build-A-Bear has just issued fifteen dollar of that yet fifty dollars offered the 8% drop in your bare. And again and again. They are. Now. Their heart all right that's it thanks for the call we appreciate it out.