Perfect Christmas Song

Tuesday, December 26th

A scientist used an algorithm to create the perfect Christmas song.


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How 2017. As this. We can't enjoy Christmas songs anymore we know Bob algorithms. Making Christmas songs to guitar more emotion. Come on what do you name a scientist in Boston has said he is engineered these perfect Christmas song. He studied 200. Of the top Christmas songs to figure out from lyrics tempo. Vocal us musical key everything that's required to release Christmas songs to be hit. And he has done it for a. Really from both always say that this is like a new thing they've kind of been doing this for as long as we've had music. Like there is a formula to making a successful pop song you and you can go on YouTube and watched people. Pull apart chain smokers songs and all part Taylor swift's songs and stuff the meal like. This is the part where the key change happens in this is the part where she said this word in this is the part where where there. The tempo and now like. We throw a little pop here in there like her as a formula to almost everything that we enjoy okay. I feel like it's impossible to deal with Christmas music peak has them. There's something so emotional. About Christmas music and I feel like. Scientifically UPS just in certain added I don't totally agree with you on that. It's funny bring that up because he went through all of these songs all 200 songs. Any said it was important to use words like see into snow won't home. Peace and love in the lire. Accent sounds like alien. I have a pro. You you men and I I bet you'll hear smiled when MySpace stands out alone now the song needs to be in a major key in. Yeah pours minor keys make that sat right eight I have an average tempo of a 115. Beats per minute and the last thing day in needed to have a pull any of sleigh bells. OK I have you heard I have heard it is the garbage I have a song gotta. Garbage I'd like to play freedom it's called here's the title. Love's not just for Christmas. And today. Most perfect Christmas song. Engineered by a scientist in Boston. Slave else clean air. Just got into the movie itself. Should come clean this mess and she knew him saying it still doesn't get you way. I don't know. And so. I wanna make fun of them. I don't shell drilling ban. I can't find him. You know why I guess he did. This song delightful and. Sell its UK doesn't. The perfect Christmas song ever made it. I mean it is not not the most perfect grip smooth long. And did you give a thumbs up on the road like. I mean I need to yearlong memoir meant and. It's stupid nerd. I could by just letting your more rain. Singing along I mean disapproves now. I.