Phone Scam: Drive-Thru Speeder 7-17-18

Tuesday, July 17th

Gavin calls someone who drove too fast in the drive-thru:

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We deference gallon cell Melissa asked meets hip bone scan her best friend Tonya and down the whenever I do a fund scam I like to talk to the people who want to Don a little bit. And get them details on one of the random things or Melissa told me. Was the wall on the had fast food over the week and and I was with there so I'm like okay. Give me an idea what if she sped in the drive. I'm in this phone scam. It's time you. Went and yeah my name's Raoul the manager of the. That you went to. And Roosevelt. Oh yeah. You weren't our drive through. Not too long ago and I just wanted to call and tell you that the next time you come through. You are not allowed to act the way that you acted or you will not be welcome again. What you why. We have a very nice direct speed limits in our drive through line we like to pride ourselves on safety and that we have workers all around we have patrons all around. And you sped off after getting your food like eighty speed demon and it's dangerous and I need you to be aware of that. Oh OK I and yet very hadn't really hard a couple married there like a speed limit I don't know where I probably didn't go anywhere that the. They're trying to Barry. There is the how to get your phone number we get everybody's phone number when every day with a debit card and automatically tells this year. Name address phone number Social Security number whether or not your kids how much money you make and your blood type. Yeah out. We actually do you have any speed limit sign posted it says speed limit one mile per hour and we clocked you leaving. At six miles per hour. That is ridiculous. Does different content that is different ridiculous now is very well I'm sorry I would eating they're stupid guy there I hope no idea at. Don't carnal I don't appreciate it weird I. Think oh. OK it's not Blake it Timmy Tonya that your deflecting here and tried to get me to overlook the fact that you could've killed somebody. Slowly. Everybody glad to light through OK I apple went pretty well Delhi and how Barrett my old boy anybody. Six miles an hour. What the what the reaction time per person going six miles an hour is. No need to let its long time didn't want mile per how would you what our core. Management has deemed her hard drive through. What do you call the enemy is ridiculous pick and having people calling gala people about we look huge I you're you're never gonna criminality never again right. You asked a blue and net. You are in. This. Business outlook and I'm glad I'm I don't go out. Milk after golf. Go or. Jurors speed demon doesn't mean you get ahead. Nobody faster than I can hang up but knew all. Day especially not after I tell you that my name's Gavin and Europe scalable wicked cult what is it like and this is not real your phone scam. Now not giving. Her friend Melissa all you do this she delivered. She she told me I beg you for opponents cams or dead. Oh why don't you and we're happy. You got me I would like bull. Barbara I believe it into my girl oh my diet. Don't. Yeah. Email phones gamma has candlelight.