Pink Or Drink 10-12-17

Thursday, October 12th

The Wake Up Call plays another round of Pink or Drink to give away P!nk tickets:


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065 the end. Speaking of another show coming to town Hinkle made ORACLE Arena on May eighteenth through and they just added the second shell. On May nineteenth tickets on sale now at live nation dot com we're gonna play the pink. Or drink yeah. Give me the name of either fruity pink drink or a shade of pink lipstick if you get five right you win just like that. My room from this admire elements in Iran. Merrill Mer rom I'm pretty intern Kevin and yeah Hillary. Even here instead liked him. Mum rom blessed to what is it and I think you're right okay got it right. You're gonna play with us this morning okay. All right this kid he's gonna give you the one to the other big team can lipstick shade or the drink you gotta get a right okay. I would imagine. Know what I know. Is that a pink cocktail or pink drink. Oh I sit around but now I guess that is that is a cocktail bar and a I had Havana peacock dealer paid during but I meant. 900 OK sorry series let's go let's think big belly began when adding that all right got over here over clean slate. Free round punch pink drink or pink lipstick. Add into shrink her so. Well I'm the garden. But. But hip injury. Has the pink lipstick. And is collapse. That happened. Pink lipstick pink drink. I think shrink. As eclipsed had. Clark I am the only all of these guys are up and pat. No kid. Big. Pink lipstick a pink drink. Now it. Think they hesitate let's say how. God can see where this tour I don't ice delegates he's got to get as he's gaga for just got again. You miss one more she McLemore I got. Britain you well lose pink drink a pink lipstick. Straight. That is current. Aides say at this silk. And I've got wrong she's got to get the rest of them write a bad habit is some more things right yet to refugees through the other. This got out pink drink our pink slips to come on. Sure. Again you marked your. PT. Is that a drinker lipstick. Ain't yes. A pink well it turns. Oh yeah. Froze today. Paint string or pink lipstick. Otah. It day. I wanna say the paint Jerry. Us around still Larry I'm. And go out on a limb and say I'm pro day is what you make rose into a full Washington that is current. I like rose but that's sounds good where the sounds like runs through Thursday now I know I don't know I know it's the big hipster dream to have right now but who who's. Well done congratulations via an apparent tickets to see pink. At the ORACLE Arena on May eighteenth congratulations. Under fixed idea and yeah.