Pirates of the Caribbean Ride Changes

Thursday, July 6th

Disney is making changes to one of the most popular scenes on the ride "Pirates of the Caribbean". Listen to the Wake Up Call talk about the changes...


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I think I'm the anti cultural right now 76601065. Gave your beat dizzy Wednesday night. These guys are Michelle obviously massive username being violent incidents over the kids so I don't know if I can share the same excitement that you guys have them for things. But get out and found this article about one ADM parts of pirates of the Caribbean the bear removing. Yeah they're removing your forever guy is and it's probably one of the most iconic scenes. It's the auction. Where the auctioneer is auctioning off the women of the town that they took over and there's a big girl and nobody wants the big girl. But standing right behind her is is a beautiful redhead and all the pirates yell we alliance there rad dad gave his club. Hundreds and able. Just go on forever to be fair at all they cared does what Disney said all the characters are still going to be in the scene but they are all going to be doing something different okay. It's probably a good thing. Good bike. The greatest messenger in the world I mean that you don't run for children and there'll be seen where that you'll be slowly. Floating past the scene work women are being option dog at a rate being. Prayer is there going to kind of take the moral high ground for this part of the night did. I did. People all trying to artery Chad Aaron. Another not try to murder each other they're drunk deadly shooting guns at each other like one night for Duke's. I'm okay all right proud of the air our hearts and ride where you can see a bounty of jewels that have been stole and well I. Yeah there is a part where. I think encouraging to burned out a whole town and they do arson is a felony drug pilot Scott pirate guys let me try to escape from jail all wheel maybe we'll get to those eventually but let's tackle the reaping part for a night although NN let's just Lupe from Sacramento Memorial Day why would you say about them number moving this part of pirates of the Caribbean. I think it's a bad idea. It is not the mother that we've been going every area and we don't want to play here we we love everything happened to me fanatic and that's and the tradition at the purse right they don't want. It isn't. But they get on and I'm a mother to teenage daughter and every time we go to that I'm kind of like eagle now and have. It it time and you know considering the time that we're living in right now where we'll have a leader to. In demonstrating a lot of back and I think it I'm that we need to start you encouragement on that. A pretty good one only let me. I ask you this then okay for them from taking them I agree with you but but taking devil's advocate. Some of the comments from my FaceBook page of women say here here's one of the comments from Jennifer. Women are not being raped in front of people. Here's another one from April I think it's history when your move things that are history good or bad it's like they never happen and it did they know that these story of the pirates of the Caribbean. Is fictional. I think that some of these people are treating it as if they're gonna go on arrived at the Smithsonian yeah. It's not a good pitching but what I'm a teacher at Disneyland when we don't need to teach that part of history we don't need it. They are maybe they're not raking them in front of act like they're being sold for that's intense. Also even saying that Frey is. An. Who. Argument bright blue bay think silicon Aiken thanks good points. I was getting a lot Maria from Concord morning Maria morning what you wanna sit on it I. Out and it's a part of that victory at Disney the last right what that they edit it and then. I just think they need to dot gene been so many things. Well Disney always one of the rides to change and if you live here would've changed the crap out of this ride and all the other rides and all right now changed a little bit. I know I'm I'm a die hard you know I he tried and true I mean that is certainly heard. It. Affect my daily life and what I eat now. If you're right it bring you minute and it felt like I have to go right. What is this part of the one of the original scenes in the movie itself not just thought I came up for the movie well I didn't know that our case you're. Yeah I didn't know that ever trip I didn't know any and add and that is. This is you guys are. You die hard to just still live on the so. I can a the last time I went on that ride and I was ten in the last service of a movie was probably before that I don't ever remember doing do together and tell you actually thought. That but Klug the ride was based on the movie that yell hull I yell all we know Hollywood's yeah. You wake up call.