Pranking Last Day of Job

Monday, November 6th

Some hero at Twitter disabled Trump's account on her way out the door. 


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India and see what did you do you won your last day at a job that you were leading call 7661065. We can text us. At 73389. With your stories reason we bring this up was president trumps Twitter was shut down for eleven minutes. After an employee at Twitter. It was your last day and so she decided as she was leaving she would briefly shut down dead presidents Twitter accounts. Larry LL they figured it out and brought it back job. Yes and well here is where keeps guys but they were walking out the door they shut it off. I hope it is I hope until light switch itself for the we want to know the stories on how you left your job 7661065. We can text in at 73389. I used to work at a movie theater yeah. Both for. I left I was the projection list. And I don't know what projection projectors are like now I think everything's digital cell I think it's I know how works but back when I did it it was filmed. And you had to thread a film yeah grew a projector is actually a skill that you needed to learn how to deal it would sit the film what's that on a gigantic platter that was enormous the size of a truck bed a cap and it would spin around slowly feed through the projector and that would be yet. Sell. Right before I left. It was my last night I moved all of the films around to different theaters ha ha threaded the projectors. And left. Which meant that the first show of the next day which was the Saturday. Men have the right movies played in any of the right here besides and gives you can't stop a movie is solidly in the UK now it's not like where I can hit pause or something if you hit Paul if you stop the movie it takes you're gonna miss about a minute of the film released back in the day at wise guy the CEOs and comments from case to get oh my god. Gave first let's start off with some some easy ones when I got fired from Jimmy John's I took all the same which coupons because a girl's gotta eat those are molester and a line and on Krista sad that this door was closing so she wasn't fired. They were clothing that's door okay sell all the employees played baseball inside the store. So blind and then they got on the handicapped carts and had races down the hall. Until wonderful on Mike's city upper deck the toilet I don't know what that means it's not in the bowl it's in the top shelf hole the tank and I'll ask you ask perhaps. Even the apple. As Randall. Well Ben and even though. The better end up productive that's funny. And Paul says when he quit Chucky cheese he stole Chucky cheese is head. And took an entire case of tokens and a box of pepperoni. And her attorney is now keeps his key. I thought that was brilliant money till like what are you gonna do it Chuckie had our back in the morning and you're where present morning. I'm I would going and fired you are wise so I decided I would leave and quit before they had a chance and they would on Friday. So when I can't work I waited until 4 o'clock I went down to the newspaper and I posted my bond that car per sale. I. He needs a good person. I gave herself. And her home and I had worked swing shift all called actor can yeah. And it's it's you know that Eric I. That was great too it's somebody say that they threw their bosses keys on the roof crush yeah. Taking all of these can be inside. But you do do it all I do it don't rain. Here's yeah here's another text and I last week and major coffee place as a supervisor I only ordered decaf espresso. So for the next week they got the order I was gone and they field all these special machines we decaf I'll that's a little early Friday. People used to like a fact that 'cause America might prefer. When they did condemn their box but sometimes you hit your customers to go. Is that when I deleted all the inventory from the stores and nothing would show up. If we had it in the store are sold that's great show like they'd put David but the orders in she'd probably deleted all that incident and are waiting for more of the product to come in nothing show. Yeah I would never have the guts to use them like this and that if I didn't I would feel hunted by I. I would feel really really bad leg of I would've if they would have called Mika I'm sure at that movie theater they knew it was me that was clearly not an accident right eight cell they called me the next day and if they were like did you switch all of the movie feel all the movie prince around the wrong houses I'd like. God I did what I mean it's not a legal what I did was it was an illegal hit it was they yell at Il. Wake up call.