Prison Fears

Friday, June 30th

The Wake Up Call shares a variety of prison fears:

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Call one thing but Indiana's Evan what is clip from. From the show that you knew you were wanting to play so bad cell. I think it's on TLC is on TLC you would know the answer that. I think it's a TLC it's one of the the worst shows of all time I told dance moms it is so despicable it's not even funny mostly just because their kids and kids involved Sharon in. And the star of the show. Abby Lee Miller who is not a dancer mom but she is a dance instructor CE. Alone Padilla studio. Anyway. I really Miller is going to jail and she was an extract and she was talking about her fears of going to jail. And her number one fear. I thought was pretty interest and a matter we're sucks so bad and I think that MI allowed to Wear socks when I sleep in my bed. Serb prison that's her number one prison fear. That at all account. Caylee happened and a. Seemed like things that lesson I get it when you're imprisoned you have to follow certain rules. I don't think -- op is one of them you're an ally. OK Felicia gets creepy feet. She saw surge keep her from having Charlie -- let her feet I mean I'll apparently the kind of socks that are any age you wouldn't have I'm pretty sure whatever slog they give you my dad currently wears them yet he wears them for some sort of circulation problem smokes trigger a bit of why I'm pretty confident that you gave Charlie horse is in your legs because of dehydration so well she should get more. The post it look likes to exit Italy screaming kid that doesn't. He should be smarter about. Your fears my biggest fear if I want to prince then right. My number one fear would be what job in my gonna get in the prison okay has that seems to be your way to parole. But I know why job in the library from the movies that I've seen it seemed like those ballots get paroled. They there's always like a thing where you see the war and age that nice job Gavin thanks god. That's chief I think you know it's funny you said that you tip your hat and yet like like your old tiny print I don't care. Out of it it's buried Tuesday and Casey from oranges the new black I don't know what that means I. And yes they weren't the library and it does feel like I'm pretty good skin again what would be yours. You've only have a couple I absolutely have a couple one of them is they do not let me sing in the gospel choir. And the gospel choir because all prisons have a chapel I. But do we know that they've got acquired. No but it probably do good and they did my theory would be that they would not let me be a part of mets' RC UB new freedom to do you have. Did you don't. I'm remains the screens are talks drew loud. And got a Dell Mac and Kevin walked in went before we asked Kevin Kevin let let let's guess this if we had to guess why intern Kevin had to go to prison in the first place. What do we think it would be our money laundering and think you're you're Smart enough. Ali have a collector's vehicular manslaughter law oh yeah. President for something. Via via the idea Matt and I are both sugar have you. I'm not kill any Latin it's it's an. Accident ma got Daphne. I still won't be the one thing I'd be afraid of Gideon from the bad it's because I'm so used to my Tempur-Pedic died at just see the band's religious creed can stop. I'm include the disgusting and it's like months. And you hate kind of minutes you now I assume there is you have to vote condiments and present how to at least some played great and I am I. All of people around you might want to like house. They'll be. Very interesting way of putting a limit on how admitted. I used. I am I'm easy on the bottom. Right now MetLife. I I look good that's the bottom like a little. Let me around Bobble. Okay I'm Bob and I. But the downside and this might be allowed. Well I'll bring it is important thing when I. I guess he buried at all. I. Though. Wake up call and here's what's next. I yesterday in the wake up call is an old Zach achieve our new TV commercial why are there no meter maids were patrolling hard. I'm Katrina takes we have to keep feeding the meters unsold Gavin and Kevin returned to their cars and some wind got a ticket. Who was given how matinee we'll tell you coming up at 840 yeah. IBM. Wakeup call continues in a moment.