Proposal in Public

Monday, November 6th

Gavin saw a proposal at the food court at the Roseville Galleria. 


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I saw something interesting at the average a gallery and yeah what did. I was in the food court like you don't. Elegant food court only basic and neglect that be out. And he wanted my family and all of a sudden my wife goes look look look look it was a wedding proposal. Would that per polls all and that guy got down on the need. And the girls crying in the had a family year around I took a picture if you wanna see Ed we blacked out their faces. Text neat KN EEI. I'm so 3389. And I was like war and we're like right next to them. Let me proposal amazing it's you I love seat public wedding proposal I've never seen one armed you've never seen a public one. Oh what the proposed yeah I cannot yet neither of your husband has proposed deal known arms around on (%expletive) I'd. Bring up the obvious. Which is fine. Up through court. A wedding proposal a food court. We're gonna make fun of somebody's wedding proposal right I am a total check when it comes to wedding proposals I get misty guy. Damn I felt it I'm so glad I did have that thought afterwards like cord that's an interesting choice but then I just assumed like. Then it was meaning vulgar and then again. How did and somehow maybe that was their first date or maybe that our not and it may be that's where one of old are like fifteen on the west friendly and that's damning with what ever the reason it doesn't matter was but it was there they did it -- reason check and when I posted on FaceBook it turns out back couples sought. And it turned out it was meaningful to them oh Keon. Oh school out we definitely black remains outside wanna give remains out but they seem very nice and I'm very happy for him but but. I see I've seen it so many places how you not your observance and I and I. I don't know but I know president wedding proposal on the say can bids for the best I. Once. At the heads that I members see no wedding proposal. Because it would make me Mary's. Because you wanna make it about you how old because. You put that there's no labor meeting explaining all that's why not. And I had been married twice and never been proposed sale hello my husband very much. I don't see as ever splitting up meaning I'd have a third marriage which means I'll never be proposed to in my life and his finger like curls. Wait for. Any night out never happy that it makes these super sinkers. Why don't you. Why don't you ask him to propose to you to renew your bowels. Period come any click you're good you vow renewals are people that are like old on the on in the throes of almost breaking. Like a marriage some decent night all it's an old person thing parents are gonna renew their bowels are really it's like when you like celebrate forty years or. Oh my god I just still seen as having me doing that I don't see my husband wanting a time. Too bad that you can't enjoy wedding proposal because I've seen I've seen so many Disneyland. And I mean it's mean it's down because that's right proposed to my wife right I'd say I sold one at a concert I saw one on a ploy he met food and that was fine because the pilot got involved here and he was on and he goes he goes where. German arm. I remember name was murdered her through senators euros or your boyfriend or something your bye guys you're at a road bicycle and so I told you all over the summer I wake my friend Cody got married up in Napa. Well last December he invited me we both went to UNLV in Las Vegas they're playing a basketball team he invited me hate what did you flight and Vegas will go to got the basketball game. It got cool and then you know lives happened didn't win it I'm not going well turned out. He. Didn't bring it up to me again for months because he played a proposed to his girlfriend on that trap so it was almost kind of like. He originally invited me and then didn't bring it up and get. Decided that he was going to propose his girlfriend while being. Kerry he had him by video like this week about you know would be actually banner. Her brain not to come the need to get against exact. They just do what you're does it was waiting to win in advance and sell I had texted him a few times that we still do in Vegas he was so go to the Basilan and never heard from him again after that. And then I saw the pictures of the weekend that a good down there to go to the game with his girlfriend. It was because he went to propose that generate that happened the brunt of our hollows. Well proposals. That that the master report proposes. Now propose. Those drums bros then they go back I'll says flat wide I would know you what you know god you must be so sad.