Proposal At Sam Smith

Monday, August 27th

The Wake Up Call play another round of "TALKtionary" for 2019 Gold Season Passes to Six Flags:

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What does excite the it's the only way that. All along their vehicles in the window and you could bullying do you have anything close. Very and I honestly don't know why anybody listens to show up. So Friday night Katie and I hate we were DC Jim Smith show at the golden one senator one of the things that happened mid shock. Right before seems Smith was giving in to latch the song that he has with disclosure and apparently. A proposal happened right on the floor of the golden one center. It was that Sam Smith saw its stock the entire shell instead of all why that. There's a couple that's down here that's getting engaged congratulations Andrew and share for well we have that couple on the show this morning this is marketing Samantha good morning guys. Did Mauritania and now we have a shows specifically to. Just eyes you know there are people who paid good money. So tell us about the proposals had to tell us how you set this up why you decided to do it during latched during the same Smith show what's the back sort. So the backside is that. Then we've been together for years and she actually certain sense and so. We got close there are scientists became latched. And every cent stance that you know that that's where tickets I've done as a pop terrific opportunity. You know be the time Bakken proposes them. And China context that matters since then but I don't know a lot. So on that tour. Our call today Cain could go to one thing. I just let them elect from them and that this went pop that little ones that. And then they match bring me their managers that would be able to help me and around. I'm just won the blanket mine I just started walking I called them over. And that's just like it did in those states and then had this proposed there. OK okay so swept then I may say Samantha Venice AM because I got an oh yeah it's going to be a I. Think though that. Had you head like I'm sure all that trouble would try to like contact people. And then not without CM Smith having any idea he acknowledges that the fact that you guys just got engaged. And that's the most amazing part if there is no the most genuine reaction now I have softened them. OK so I Sam's Samantha doc let me ask you some questions. How long have you guys been dating. Years so this is not a rush job could just go with Sam Smith schedule. Did. Did you have any moment it's just you or me talking and where you were hesitant about saying yes. No I do you inflict more and I'd like Mary is that you're really happy now I am not expect that all sounds like when he got down on one knee outage late. I might actually it's like thirteen thousand people can say now how how other people did at the bed of lake millions of people a. I this is a mark and Samantha they got engaged at the seams Smith shell on Friday night at the golden one senate okay mark. When you have that ring in your pocket. Were you terrified you're gonna lose it. I'll lose yes so a part of my pants then the little pocket and no assurance that every brings. Yeah he had an Olympic like the little slit Bentley the bulk. Oh like Kenny talk. I'm genes that are gonna keep on it okay. And I kept that in the the whole time and just got some like shaking my it would it's rumble off. All that if I kept on feeling Weathers are so there. And then every time on the staff for a man there to be left to go see if they can help out. I was just holding the ring in my hand and then put him back a lot of bark and if so where it. Does not when I could I proposed to my wife at Disneyland. And I hate lies terrified. I am not a rock where rides and stuff like that but I mean. I I took a safety pin and actually safety pinned it to the end I can't Ferraro might get out. We try to label sends. Videos have it right. Yes it is a yeah yeah icy and context riding a 73389. If you wanna see the video of mark and Sammy and getting engaged. After seems Smith show on Friday night. And also market Samantha I just wanna throw it out there I am ordained in its daily cal and I. Why will you if you want me to marry you and all you don't make a donation to be beast find that that. Yet they Debra yeah I'm really would like to welcome our check. The 00. The rules. I reluctantly it Lou. I would play. 8 o'clock o'clock o'clock. Martin Martin Samantha congratulations. You're really in May I hand out that's elect you guys think Serbian on the show this morning I think you are. 16 IV and.