Put The WUC On A Marquee

Monday, March 27th

All of the advertising that let people know that The End moved to 106.5 is starting to disappear and the Wake Up Call fears that not everyone has heard the news yet. So the Wake Up Call asked local businesses with marquees to put the message up on their business marquee:

Send pictures when signs go up to [email protected] PLEASE! 


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So wait a call 1065 the end AS mayor with a place called Todd ninety's. In OK so they don't have to sit down auto track import world so last week we were asking how we. Just stumbled into this idea we were talking about the fact that we had billboards out there like hey check it out the wake up call on the and they moved to 1065. And then I think I brought that up enhancements and all the billboards came down like well hell how the hell are people gonna know if they don't know I just met some of this weekend and now whatever happened you guys would redeem we're 1065 now. So we started talking about they wouldn't be cool if we can get. The message of the Ender in the wake up call is now on 1065 up on different building marquis is digital billboards that terror sort of thing on a grassroots level yes so grassroots that by a mean god the end of last week all we had was one small sign many Indians present which we are very grateful former not exactly. Why he had told. I mean that's. Technically not a Markey a global taking yes at this point but it's integrate and we do appreciate it now I think Katie said will give you free advertising like a 32 commercial event. I'm airmen a pretend it was a good idea and it's a great idea radio wanna help you I mean it doesn't matter of events good or bad ice and I put it up ourselves back to tiger not he's over the weekend we get a message boom Todd ninety's audio track import world. How as a sign out and you can see it die texting the word sign SIG and 73389. Text and data rates may apply. It's I TO GNOTTI. Apostrophe S auto track import world their sign their mark he's clearly says. The end has moved to a 106 point five. I'm pat hey guys good god. How is this the end. Of what could have been something much bigger possibly let. Or our or is this the beginning. Of something huge thing about doing this let me just give you a taste it taste. The year. And you'll establishment. But cause Todd bodies auto truck and more world on Fulton. Did this for us let. Here you know. And hey it's Gavin from the wake up call. Drunk guys. You. Want to you hit some. Of the club. I'm glad you brought that. Applied. I needed knew my word after I drove it into something good it was so Britain which parts all all kinds of drug mart. You know where I want it to me is not the drug war on Bolton then allowed. Well bill Briggs that have good basket ball I think format they've got the best warm up right flew low and she. Oh. And that day but 'cause for only 61 dollars you can get it tailored cable eight millimeter. Smoke spiraled role mentioned yeah it's that. Well I know he's good today and tell. Ease. Nicely done thank you back home orders you ask a auto indoors iron. Doesn't make people because. I had one of all of them so he knows. Yeah that's another commercial for them real quick and I didn't do they put up the signs saying we and his move now of 106 I do this for your business that is now he's asking what's what's wrong you look sad little chastened let's talk and he looks. I am sad. I can't seem to find a Magda slow California convert her 408006. University of California catalytic converter event that grant. What do you like Ed. I did you know where I know time. Then I'll go hide bodies pulled never knew a young let's work on some bargains. And how. It's Louis cardinals who gather right and then one of those who go up and go up and tell and it is. You want to safeguard it just put the wake up although one of his five the end I want a 65 and you can email. Some picture going Aaron or any of our social media's. I'd WUC for wake up call and an online I come NC email sent into us we definitely will see it that way absolutely and god bless you Todd not he's god bless you for getting the ball roaring all in all. 1888485. 5072 home on your website now taken a virtual war a little. Truck parts chips and baby strollers I'm not joking. All this for a little sign we thank.