Raccoon Gets High

Friday, April 20th

A fire station in Indianapolis was woken up in the middle of the night because a woman's pet raccoon had ingested too much weed

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Wake up call. One of those things IBM's. On guys did. Passport flooding. The sciatica. International and national I don't who knows I don't know I don't know is still worth celebrating in the legal. Thought they would you really sit. Is this is like something a little worse than a hallmark holiday. Where it's nothing really. We can't find it very interesting story. Out of Indianapolis a city I used to live in so I'm not proud of hearing about this story a woman. Pounded on the door of a fire department in Indianapolis. Because she had which she believed was an emergency. In shoes freaking out. Because. She had an issue with her pet raccoon. And wigs. First and foremost congratulations. To her car. Oh yeah I are battling a pet raccoon I follow not one but two pet raccoon garments to Graham an 80 record treasure trove of great myths. I looked it up it's illegal in California which is really I know I liberals saw and I. Yes and I think we should like start a petition an error go to a City Council meeting or something we should bring racked Germans. And we should put them and shoots some of the City Council concede. I think you said it was the state thinks it may we should go to Jerry Brown thought OK okay. They could see Howell mature. Early got good can be. And they're really byters what do you think about. And yes but look at they have some they have. And they of human hearing him and letters please DM me exam today anyway you exhibit a guy. I married straight as I am I straight news guy. Eyes city off fighter cap didn't said as many times is the doorbell on the firehouse was pushed the firefighters were quite certain that something bad was going on outside. You see a woman out there she as a pet raccoon the woman is a set saying she needed treatment. Not for herself. For the pet raccoon nowhere. She said the raccoon. Had been exposed to a large amount of marijuana. It'll put the ball up until now where. Iraq tombstone. What kind of party where they have being that it bites UAE and the like. The owners have the. I think that he. They're not as bad golf back in our record their back and yeah. I thought I. Don't want any any animal to be moon in jazz or rabbit. Pot. Smoke blown in their praise. Let me just about out okay what are bold stance but so it's gonna happen I wears a raccoon was beaten but we're. Not just want arch. Maybe he was before he had too much I'll. Let me know one point it like he was just nibble and a little bit of the we'd supply and then they walk you through it in no doubt an apartment. And and butters will bear and he was just like watching Simpsons ride somersaults. What I drank you know why is writing a poem or something like he's having a guy. Eight fellow leave. This whole area as and then they came back forty minutes later and he had ingested too much owner of them it was full blown panic right right right. It's butters is having a great time asking why stars are stars. I hate these might tailed black with brown stripes or round with a black stripe right MI Bork criminal what this place. If he zebras can talk what accident with me. And these might tale of zebra into the country. Hot word that rented some bad snub revenue correct highway I don't want. That's again when you put this on FaceBook yeah how about what did you think you had an emergency on your hand and it was not an emergent are we did say that this wasn't Denham I guess it wasn't your classic march and qualifier I didn't urgency in the firefighters even said he felt bad because they loving animals but it wasn't really a lot they can do except just let. And take it off ship. Rodriguez said that and she had a baggy of gummy vitamins when they went on vacation. And their daughter who was only three at the time found the bag and meet the entire bag of gummy by oh god she freaked out and tried to make her throw throw it out all poison control. And after getting my finger bit so hard I'll bide my daughter they let me know the gummy vitamins are not harmful UV hundreds yeah. Oh I think this was gratified that I think about this on all the time. They said. That she once choked on a square ice cube. And she like immediately started to get terrified Allianz said she did she could feel what the corners like poking her solid again and she started to really think it was an emergency. And she said by the time she got her phone it had melted and slip. 1065 B and.