Rayne Attends Taylor Swift's Reputation Party

Tuesday, November 14th

Rayne was invited to Taylor Swifts "Reputation" album party and he shares his story:


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All. He's from way. This is Taylor says his son ready for it they use this very innocent okay it's ranked. So I can finally talk about what I haven't been able to talk about a can finally talk about it now. I had the opportunity to go to Nashville. Two good Taylor swift's mom's house. And listen to Taylor swift's new album won an A hole. I couldn't talk about it before but you have to end it now I can talk about my house guests with moms her is her mom's house. That's nice that she would host that it was nice and pleasant but as I was in my mom would do I not there. And she'd maker Bateman is the Scotty out. CB boring everybody meg bad medallion Le corps that she likes the may lemon cello now. Well yeah I make that ID inventory out him. So there multiple things that happened in May be be what we were their third two hours which he did was she invited her radio people from all of the country two or mom's house is not asked not these radio people well mean even now you right troop. I'm at and what they did is they had multiple sessions throughout the day Ed this. Was the biggest house I'd ever been in in my life really huge and editor says he doesn't even Taylor swift's house like how old. Big BA I guess the square. It's and should. I don't know 101000 square feet and a this. But that's probably bigger and there'd be had to have been like eighteen after the job done wow anyway what are you your quick recap on everything that happened a while I was in Nashville. So listen to Taylor swift's new album first of all the shuttle driver that picked a solid from the airport was fifteen minutes late to the actual events. Because he couldn't find the house. This big that's how she couldn't find that couldn't find it weird driving in circles and a bunch you turns you think that they would have done a test run. But be able Fords may be figure out and get all these kinks out knowing how big of an amend this one's really you would really led GPS would just kept them. Right come to find out it happened. Two hours prior hit the first session amid the same driver got a lot to her I. So. What DNA into a source mom has a dog named kitty no. Is he an all star pretending like you like Taylor slept now. Told she'll ever since she came out led. It was so email that I like so much oh. Two blinks like you may mean did hang around I turned a corner on her. All right so. The dog immediately smells my dog hammering on me. It's how all these people are walking by and all of us and his dog smells my issues in my feet. And will not stop sniffing I keep walking unlike all I guess kitty likes me if this dog. Is huge how big the is it is like like if I had to save Beckett did culmination of a doberman and a Mastiff like put together while I know horse IQ was it you could probably Ryder around. Round how does this is ten times higher than it's been skating 100%. Sell it started to follow me around throughout the house finally dealer service moms like I can't these guys stay with and actually is omitted comment about so it's a drug sniffing dog hunt. And that's after a so. They didn't do the crotch thing though down and I didn't get better avoid this behalf. We then they do it to everybody it's embarrassing. It is a matter through locked into the kitchen and immediately said Haydn Taylor Swift she was lovely. Looked beautiful course assembling with everybody what was she wearing. A shoot greatest displays they should issue like tan top where it had like it was not our the sleeves draw laced up it was likely simple way across the top. That's fine now. Sell I date reintroduced me to were inches thick already is concealing and I met Taylor handful of times she remembered a year yes. It would spell with the beard. I was so it was like maybe she won't because they had ample be able to Wear their didn't recognize me because I had dispute. But she was very nice okay very Verizon's. The first thing she said was idol love your shirts everywhere I was wearing like a long sleeve. I collared shirt. But I said thank you very much this is sea foam. Which has been using the color to describe was it seems all I. So that's charming. I had the sleeves rolled up because you know like I did my Tatis and right yeah show me your 50% bad boy Abraham. Deeper than gaveled the Q is that a yeah I'm not here to hurt you but look like am I right. Hi we show I did the whole things are having us here this is grade and then I told the story that just happened about age easier dog was trying to follow me to your house and as they get to that big dogs smell my god she's like what kind of dog do you have a survival pod name Henry she's like used to have a pond. And so we sort of talked about pugs and how they snoring. And the whole thing sell. I mean. Is. You look at them just sit and there could affect. So I knew avid dot point elect okay everyone let's go into the 48. So we can go listen to the albums any kind of gathered herself to have. We he yeah. You love forty days but they're not big enough to howls that many people there is this was big enough and they had shares yup. Ha it took our cell phones too soon we couldn't obviously be on themselves. Sir Evelyn SATA rounds. Played the entire album track by track. You know when it was over she's like our guys. Thinks we're comment is she grabs a bottle white want to who wants a law and follow. And me in the girl next we were we both immediately raise our hands sued Taylor's sister came over import us a glass of wine. That's fantastic. Did did you use the bathroom. I did not I had this kid I had to go to the bathroom really and I didn't use the bathroom I did not say what difference does that make about the tell you a guy you. Practically. Dating Taylor slept one. He's practically dating Taylor's way and don't tell and that she knows who you are yes. Your you met her mom yes. Her mom loves GO yes good dog loves you yes you didn't use the bathroom like Don adult when you're at a lady's house for the first time I don't know I didn't know that the thing I don't want to wander around the house trying to find jiggle on handles and stuff I mean I don't wanna do any -- -- I was just like it's I don't go later it's fine I mean that the temptation that it needs to be pointed out the 'cause he didn't do that you would have caved to that within sec. Being in the house or a bad girl I'm not buying it for a while I can't even do it that's key. Oh yeah you would have done abroad your motives and then when you're in the bat. Are you would have opened the cabinets and looked around the house. But he didn't do it. And that shows a level of respect which is why you meter alas she poured you would drain calf. Late on dogs after they all my god he. You're practically dating Taylor slept at the end whenever listening to buyer we are taking pictures I told her I love the album and actually I told her I said that's the truth yeah they act I actually told rice and I thought you'd never be able to top her last album 1989. Harm when she dead and she gave me a high five all I all know. Had to everybody you know oh okay I'll show you sound so lovely to see that's the problem. She is lovely you know and it has nothing to do with yield or. Because. First of all. I mean a vote that real obvious one I like your shirts writes OK and she said that's hampered in Providence. You know only what is it. Think she was studying flash cards their base is before they showed up you know. Nobody said he met her several times I people many time today I can't remember their name. I did not a year went a got there are people and is building. You have worked intimately wed Ellen they walked by you ask give their net or solid that the youth and I feel like normal people aren't they left. Met somebody on numerous occasions youth. Families can go like my eyeballs recognize your. Hey frank did you get close have to stellar again and own food and I think so you really like paying much attention to that music and it is being cool right he's hardly call right. There wasn't like to take your program drain not enough now and that's the thing to his length we are super blasts to do we dues so that was one of those like you never take one of those opportunities for granite. But I remember standing there going. And then Taylor swift's mom's kitchen yeah with kitty governor. And targeted Taylor Swift. Is critical it's critical and shortstop that. Solid. You got is hanging up now 'cause it doesn't get much better and despite like Avant says you are not dating her. So I mean did you are not dating her yet I always this fouls. I was rather well I think so well that's the house that she bought her parents if that is balanced its two and a half million dollars and that's mash bill so might as well be the Cosmo hall event just pull house's 2000 square feet while yeah. How says Lehman 2000 square feet. Sell. Well then you've got to bite her I quit because we need Eagles eleven that cool how they don't get on the phone right now well a big eight.