Rayne Sleeping Naked Recap

Monday, September 11th

Listen to the updated story of how it went for Rayne to sleeping naked

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65 the ends up here in the wake up call Katie was talking about how she found an article about sleeping naked. And how there's so many benefits to sleeping agent EX regular frequent little bizarre. And one of them is it's good for your skin because lets your skin and green. Another one. Makes you more comfortable with your body and also it makes you more aware of maybe your tribal areas so you might. Be more inclined to work out a little more often it's eat it increases your sex life Katie issued a challenge to mean over the weekend. Sleep naked all weekend. I loved it. Yeah. I had to remind myself to do it you actually. You know. Like I woke up yesterday eight and I thought crap I'd forgot your writing this job by the way. I had. I heard not a light colored learn not to Wear gloves the bad. I'm siesta Friday night obviously I had to remind myself like I was already in bed but off the shot. I totally forgot to Katie told me to sleep naked and I am so glad you think of me yeah. Just digging up all my clothes and I'm sitting there laying in bed Henry's look at any funny likely doom and Sarah and I knew is my dog and clarify. Am and by the board. And I saw what I always have and also waiting for him on in my math and that was another one of the benefits you sleep better because the lowers your body temperature right and I normally see with the T shouldn't just boxer shorts whatever but I was like you know what let's just go for it yeah. We're gonna spread. It makes you real I is how well. Suffocated. You feeling your club it's a digital. Less suffocated but of course in the middle of the night I got a hot. I don't throw it covers up demand and higher exposed and now I'm like vulnerable what if someone busted into my apart. They've gotten very moments that cheer more than your guy. Oh yeah. Like you why did you have thought what a monster takes my behalf I. That joke on Friday but is not a joke the joke. Like when your that exposed I have fear that that somebody's got to pay get design and yes I'm gonna are doing is still well into the other reasons you love debts arm. You said it was just kind of freeing it was like you know I didn't feel lands are restricted now are you back cider. Or stomach sleeper so I don't flipping flops IE I kits about my back but I can I diagnosis of on my side and slide yeah. OK I guess and I need to go into night number two. A hole is Saturday night. I mean I had a taste of it right so went out on Saturday that was some friends in midtown. And so. Got home. It probably like 1 AM 2 AM may be wake up the next morning. I have one sock on. I have half a shirt on like it so I think like I got it. Hey. It's done it at some point it was try to take all my clothes off and then I'm like he's too exhausting thing and I can just pay about. If you White Sox thought that slicer done. Getting remember if I had my boxes on or not I'd I was I woke up the next morning at like 8 AM on Sunday morning going what happened here so OK so Friday night. Great yes Saturday night not great but that wasn't the make its fall right right so let's let's go to Sunday night Realogy you know I mean you seem you seemed well slept this morning well I before I went to bed last night I watched the original miniseries Stephen king's it's a whole the whole thing wall into the wrong time I have kids yeah. It's a good solid four hours man her head down and held on nine. I might get a better remember. Yeah solid and watching it watching stealing genes it. Take it off all my clothes and then I realized that Gavin said on strip the. I don't know I didn't Stephen King is now. Why do how to lead more I immediately well Michael. You. Really leave you big box owners are making the cameras doing keeping your. Again yeah yeah. Sir. Something on your body but not get through boxer. It's not that they can't get through it it's that they're not reminded that there all at about how number it's like when you go totally yard sale everything that you like all and I showed up here I didn't think I was gonna buy a big plant but there is its right yeah. OK let. They had the think Barack is still holding calls its an impulse Asian. OK so I I don't Michael's. I think he he got absolutely clear if either huh. And I think I'm.