Rayne Travels Too Much

Friday, July 20th


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Oh sack. It's 840 on the I could call broadcasting live from awards the free fitness on Bristol road elm grove this morning. Is that kind of an interesting statistic Katie. Half of American pet owners haven't traveled outside of the country since owning their pets. Gavin brought this stuff it was looking directly at. Mean I cried out and it's not out of the country it's traveled anywhere. They they don't travel outside of like an overnight trip because of their pants. Why question rain. Because 70% of them feel guilty leaving their pets behind. Hey rain. Embers started out. Tell the chipped in on. I'd love to you policy went to Indianapolis. Tablets at Vegas. I went to LA after Alex's in the year ago. Went I'm Carmel and mean and so from next week in and go to Boston. Anti the hamburger about that and New York City. And then Philadelphia while snow. We're not even a month that summer. I don't. Oh it really doesn't have a dog I hope I L I know you're all thinking. That's why it too much travel for somebody who has the dog. No oh well bring the dog and when he when he leaves EU. SQ the hand. That whose dog and then. On. Do I care you. Love you like commitment that I and they when I bought you. Port like do what I would. Want. Wow I Q when I'm okay that's not that's true so that's why it's usually a British accent that light. I mean yeah mine out. I don't listen I think believe I have about people that are very nice to watch in awhile ago eighties those people producer gave. Definitely haven't but I will say you know I'm very thankful that those people but at the seems like. Like travel like that one of the first things people say is when something like to do the first thing as it traveled and the need for cities like experiencing its highlight. Take care my odds. Like of course elected to clear it up a hobby. A hobby you know hobbies or things you do for fun. I taking your dog is not a series of that you do for fun you do it out of necessity because the dog needs a lip. If your passion of the right slow. Things. When you take on responsibility. You'd shots. As much anymore so all right. There. You hear me down. That list. Just from what. Yeah Indianapolis Vegas LA San Diego art now when. I went to Reno in there. Are you saying I shouldn't travel anymore. Lots. He should shrapnel had thoughts of our weekend getaway. I'm not gone for a long period of time. I'm not like it when I go back to the East Coast and that's where a week obviously but like he's like you leave Friday night comebacks in the morning well. The dogs don't know what time. So when you leave for a weekend to have. There. And never see you again. So even though it's just a week and you know bird. Harry is at might added the and then I show up and many like you're ally in the ocean. And on and watching. And let me tell you why. I. Arial we at. Me. Henry the pot. Pot. And what your. Friends. Lovers and you know. That's an. But the crying. That. Mice right. Well shall not. Yeah. And now. Finally. When he meets to say not to take any of that theory I will take into consideration. Think. I. Happen for allies and he had been there for a hot. When I hit me. Are weak and more. You mean one dollars. On a case I don't mind and it. Well. A lot of out our policy now you're you're you're not processes change them. Into a look big but again it. 165 B and.