Rayne Unzips Katie

Wednesday, November 22nd

Gavin left the Best Of Sacramento party without saying good bye to Katie, This left Rayne to be her girlfriend for the night and he had to unzip her from her outfit:


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Saturday night it was the best of Sacramento party at the Sacramento convention center Eric. Because hey here's what's amazing. Cool parts about Sacramento they awarded all these awards few flights to wake up call did in fact win the best of morning show in Sacramento. I think it's gonna happen. So we went there I've got every year since I've been here and it's always a great time be hung out and there were a ton of listeners there that we and that's all fun stuff. Hope we were at the party you're having a great time and then I was sitting neo Gannon and all of a sudden GeMS like I editing I'm gonna go. Like I was tired. To think Gavin laughs I ordered as they see Agassi of etiquette not Imus Camille it's never quick goodbye with Katie well. We have. We have a little bit about beef Gavin unit we've got a whole Katie your own story. Rain did have to help me just throw war I yeah why. Because he had a bumpy and I was wearing in the I jumped her her around her run ever and as very long zipper in the Mac and T is annual T Rex arms. And almost zero shoulder flexibility. So well. I can barely get it started. To go down. I came close to a dipping at all all the way so would you do going to the bathroom with certain well I had before she likened it about him tonight you need guidance get me a leg when he mean. In it and hit the back. Like two inches of leg no houses and works well. All the way. So you didn't. Ray did you have to how far did you how much of her underwear did you see I mean I saw a little bit boy meet and how. How bad good data possibly I did not sign of rain I'm sorry. And your responsibility. Not that I know you're as well and you I am not. I was proud I am not her best friend no my her husband and didn't not irresponsibility and frankly I think the whole staff peer wanted to buy. Gal it'll pay caravan. Feel that the KD. I don't like that well also are you had to go through that thing. I don't you leave that decision to Wear that stupid outfit. There. And something they can't get loud dobbs. They can't pretty caves and blow something like that if I showed up I was like. My hands were handcuffed together and you're like. I gather and what he's doing well all I know this restrict my mobility but these are really really nice seeing guns in their buried fashionable mouth OK okay yeah. I held in and out of this every single time I wanna eat something I body. For your brother's wedding look. Because then dress code was like. I scale hit star. And Italy are. Funny thing that matches that and that's what I find at the last minute you say that with the tone it sounds like it's my fault not I won't let you see now. Challenging me or did and why would you buy something did you get the among your own. It makes white but look really really guide you have brain told me because he had done didn't pass that. I am sorry than I had the map disease something else I worked with many. Aches glued simply. I have so I ask you guys to do stuff sometimes I love to ask the female coworker did you because it would be a lot like some of but what are going through right now. And because of all now know you have to do that you have to can easily helped me out like light blue. This is like we did something to you I do not change it because it and I think it's your fault and just say it's the reality of the situation. So it's an. We have to take it for the teams sometimes. In this situation okay. I don't even letting you did take your routine I'm sorry that happened Diaw makes what you know oh. This is let's let's start this if we have we have to deal with Katie let's yeah. Did deal that the trade excuse me while the trade back and forth okay I'm okay with so that you took out wanton I'll take the next one. It was you guys to stop acting like working with meat is sect should show more I am very good you guys the crew carry. And if you controversial up there rob her and you need to be on deck. Yeah maybe I did that almost a buddy. Yeah. Is this what it's like to take you now yes it is. All cricket. And a big idea and.