Rayne's Fire Alarm

Monday, May 21st

Rayne tells the story about how there was a fire alarm in his apartment building over the weekend: 

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You know a few weeks ago on the show we were talking about a guy. Fed up with the smoke detector in this house yeah decided to instead of doing the lies being of like replacing the battery you're just taking it apart. He shot it with a shotgun and move on almost did that last line of fire alarm in my building went off at 10 PM yeah. Well is that like college were like everybody. Well local news. Is delivering act. Again out not happy on the screen meanwhile you didn't didn't brave man didn't do you. He Henry was freaking out he was. Howling. Which he never does. He's maybe done that three times in his entire life. And it's because of the fire alarm there real fire there wasn't began at their eyes they'll fire trucks. No smoke in the hallway. Was and I did all the right things you're supposed to earlier you put your hand on the door to feel for he is. Right up our entire although there's higher beneath the smoke and becoming character and true. Is fairly at the time the bill I I the commercial that said even second. Hands vocal go through the bad incident to somebody else apart those commercials are alarm and is now your son. Here's the reason why it was because. I knew I had to go to bed to get up early for they shall he had in his life around me off ha you know what happened last. Your first taste of what it's like Devin newborn in the house saw. Now. I took it happens more time and I thought I can't do. Get out go outside your house Tom and but eventually though with a Beebe he grows up and loves you fire alarms do not want. Really by the way. You false fire alert thing people should do this but all spiral or is a fun way to make an impromptu parade. How do you. Get the parade golly that it just like got it. First thing you do is you call the fire company and they there's a fire under the car and oh the real big fire OK okay. And you stand on the sidewalk a guy wait for the parade ray. Get the mobile Bluetooth speaker a day plays some sort of patriotic music and they're gone by and stand there and hope somebody throws candy yeah. All day and. And it's over very fast by if you're Jones reverberate do that and cute. Think that that is a crime act. Is it going to be again and cells that you after the twenty minutes of the fire alarm. Whole seeding could it's like to have them in like the hallways of oh yeah. Right so it's literally right next room. In and Henry was howling and holding finally. Shut off and make it here people. Locking up the stairs and going back into the apartment and was like no fire I was right again. Then he's playing the last Eminem and what I like what timeless I got a lot of these. That would meet as wake up 340 fabric there thirtieth guardians so the fire goes off at 230 that's way way way. Sharon that is happy that actually happened about a year ago the jewel of that one too yeah OK okay and then I was like no mail were added we. Yeah and started going off I was in my twinkle twilight fades out like where you're just just about just yeah Ellen yeah. Yeah yeah and way it's clinch a hundred people know. I bet you'd I don't I don't twits do you torch. Depends a tired I am if I'm really tired Utah which. Yeah not like it. Crab balls but yes that's right. I haven't you ever happened and he couldn't see negatives the radio bed Katie just had to organize Bagram yeah. And anyone do that because it's both full you even step and you're bad you're asleep I now but. I've watched people fall asleep. In my life I've never seen them which extends M 3389. Just yes or now how do you see people twitch when they falsely. Dean I'm worried about you know like you need to be I duet where ray yeah and my husband doesn't mean I don't do it as soon but it's elegant often is Katie does. Even say how often ideal. It does like she does and often it's called IA. Hi not a jerk probably hit right it's not that not all hi hi when logic jerk practical and a jerk your money. That's that aspect it's an involuntary muscle spasm that occurred is the person is drifting off to sleep it is very dangerous and people should seek medical attention immediately. And not. That is not part of that everybody is taxed again yes I too actor ever read it for yourself OK to find out if that's true that everybody is saying yes. Makes me thing. You do sweats and you just don't know because you're asleep while yapping at the interview and have the deli order knowing I mean everyone knows my wife has urged the.