Rayne's Shorts Intervention

Monday, October 16th


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The man who. An intervention is needed to happen. Which I think gets awfully strong. Ready Mindy she struck a I would say aggressive you know. It's it's not uncommon. For people to feel little. Cornered me one timer. Org defend them and you all are in the gal you know. Yet let's let's talk about what happened first Democrat we went went to look into the weekend show. And prior to that there's a brand new. Gorgeous hotel that opened up right next the gold one senator they've. Apparently a great bar slash clubs slash pool that overlooks the mezzanine of the golden one senator so we went rooftop all of us and and like revival that's an an it revival we lawyers hotel we went all of us he said you know what let's grab a bite. There before the show TV you'll probably. Hill used her looks ferry can't thank you you're welcome you're dressed to the occasion they had on nice jeans we know that we re viewed. Rain on the other hand. His shorts the his infamous shoot an eyesore they are khaki they are a little too big. So we go up to revival. And as surely walk up to the door. The a bouncer at the door and about ready to Dorman didn't mr. Dorman. Said yeah you guys can coming sorry man and we're like or you full and he goes. Kick him in the back guy he's got dollar shorts on and a ball cap on June yeah but could remove right that was easy and we looked at green and we went yeah. Mean there. These shorts have affected us and in a lot of ways now. And that is why it's time for dinner and it's an intervention is needed all of us and taking notes in my defense to me as an openly out please just smile and events on. I'm 100 he would not Africa. Jimmy for the intervention is not telling you it is on the short stack. So. Can I go first please him. Dear rain shorts. You have affected me in the following ways. Please take her seriously. And know that this comes from a place of love. He may be sad. Because. I like to do things with my friend drain and you get in the way of bat. And it makes peace that. You also make me angry. Because sometimes. It's okay it's okay you're 'cause sometimes. Teachers and it's I mean this is an easy for anybody because sometimes. Well I wanna go to a bar. And the short stop me from doing that and then the shorts just sit there and they never answer for themselves they just sit there quietly. And hey let's average and they get smog and my last point. Is you make me confused because rain is a normal person with a normal body but when he winner when he wears you. It makes them look like a giant dwarfed. Or are because we get to see his calves and here is very big calves and he has on the above big but. And sometimes it does make him look like he's wearing a TV to her. Brain please take this theory government in place of La carte orange shorts right now knowing that okay bad okay go ahead. It's an easy I know being. Dear rains. Hurts. It's when we first met I assume you're just a faith. Maybe you were seasonal. Sacramento can be hot it. Time went on I knew your problem not but I believed in the rain I trusted him. Surely he won't Wear these turf first promo pictures of this show I told myself. These yet. Then I convinced myself he's learned his lesson people to announce we look at him but he didn't. The wasn't until he called peanuts. Leg prisons that I knew he had a problem didn't you did. The in this that now he teen eating get into a bar because the view you're affecting him Gavin myself. Please get help Google feature we hold these here for you in the summer to give you all the love and support you need thank you now green shorts. We have arranged for you to go to a love lead desert rehab center. Where you there's going to be a lot of nice people there are you can hang out of the other short right you can eat them and they were all there will be other people that wouldn't want to where you a lot of people have gone through similar things and when you come out. In cheer and hopefully he'll be a pair pants. And you'll stay far away from rain will you accept a little early you will you let us take you there. A ballroom slid all the stuff. Way to go go.