Rayne's Single At A Wedding

Wednesday, July 11th


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So over the weekend I went to a wedding in Carmel is my cousin's wedding. A ends. There's seven of us cousin's cousin has a kind of altogether. Medium kind of mixed up right so I aim on number two look. On the elderly a lot of cousin Eddie in the elderly unborn rights acts. Will now out of all seven. Four are married that means there are three left 91 of them OK boy and come to find out that it did last year that are not married. Have boyfriends. So. How are they. We're all the same age so the last two were all within eight months of each other wow so now I'm fine yeah. I.s so time is of the essence apparently because that's all I heard about this entire time I was at the wedding up. What are these for years ago. I heard that no less than four times. What isn't nightmare scenario for people in your situation. It's great weddings are spectacular. For when I'm you're single in your twenties. Because. Single ladies are there OK everybody's got like to marry a our ray's gonna Jews stop a little Beck has promise from a romantic husband used noon exactly but when you're in your thirties. That is that is the press that has the you go over where your an outside guy. The yet like. Now. Ellison picture view recent rain who holding your dog. Henry like a baby Elliott and the catch a wild. Won't somebody just wipe them up aren't eaten. And a lot of people said they don't think you have been like a pudge brought that up. The back them up over the weekend or at the wedding now which is more. The fact of people that don't think you wanna be like upright ranked but then you go to letting. In everyone's there having agreed time never went in love right you know I sat at the kids' table now yeah. What's fun because it spinning out of my like gosh I don't I don't know were level they are on the cousins scale and acts second cousin third cousin and. All kids take all a couple okay the majority were kids who is the old who is the oldest kid. I don't be not and a and what and when I think she's 80. Eight or nine minute. Why you got voted to give you the good that's all covered. School of thick you put the other thing will be able right oh got it and. Well because everyone there I'm sure had a date is yet to sit in pairs. Well there's that one extra seat like I guess anybody that's cutting it up tables argument right there on you couldn't even find a date for the wedding. I didn't know wasn't atoms instead I was and asked if I wanted to bring you deals and you know. My kids. Oh. Meaning you couldn't. And want opportunity on on the RSVP part of it was not oh my god can keep it gets its. Three. Can we made the group that shocked remote Jeep faith when I'm dead that. Salon. I guess this is what. Those things are is like now I'm 35. And die. You know when we you get have a big family activity like that any kind of puts everything a little more into perspective. You're you're brought up or maybe just doesn't want Symbian while a lot of art form that yeah. Or what's wrong with them there's got to be something wrong with him I get that a lot the answer these questions are sorely. On I don't believe there's anything wrong with me might have been burned through in a numerous number of relationships and I just feel. That's. If I'm going to take that kind of plunge in commitments insure relationship it's going to be the right one. And I aides I've been through situations where I'm like tag can tell this is gonna be the right wine or it's. I would rather just continued to. Peta. Navigate even fat diet big kids table I want to say that I was having a good time that he was more speed and chaperon of the kids wrangle a better way to even gave the kids toys to play with the Campbell and Angel finally do the room excuse. So I think that's cool well remember when this and did yet I mean. OK. Let's go all of our our reasons kids we know you well. Why we think you're saying all right we'll take it from here. I think you'll aren't taking up she spoke. I think you. Put the ball in the gals court some lag. That you will like sees somebody because supercomputer like president of bread and on and Graham and you'll message here. Yeah okay let me know if you want to hang out and that put all of their responsibility on the girl. And then come do you feel like let's hang out and then okay itself that's one. Number to all. Because you're meaning people online ability to many times they do not think yourself begin a strong I think the part of the problem I've offered that help you have not taken my now by the way so far. I disagree with both these points and I have my own point. And continued counselor keel. And believe. I have an Arab in Munich I can't remember where is not right. Here we go the here's what I think is going on. Don't think you need to worry about yourself the game but guys. I met problems getting girls long before cell fees were even I think you try. You heard me. A lot. Able to OK then there's no real life so then treat. In mr. Graham and snapped chat like it's real life. And if you put forward okay you may have to step up your in your cell B game you need to put your funny put forward and make your count super funny and fun to go to OK okay step one step too. I think you need to change the caliber of women that you're interested in OK I'm I'm not saying it's. To be mean it to the already. Very. Persecuted. Class of women that are smoking hot we all know you've been through enough in life. Biden if you need a smoking hot girl would choose your cup of tea how novel com. You did that he's gonna nobody yelled no matter what I thought that. That is the age appropriate for you to date. And they either don't have some sort of odd disastrous past who. There's two red flags there to be amenable unless you're NASA so that's good off all of the. Bill doesn't just get a clean divorced OK there's there goes my acts on never see you again Bob I. It's like some sort of like that guy is still very much in the picture of some sort of horse head in the bed kind of what I. Al-Qaeda and so I think you need to change the caliber of women that you look at. Stands and some people might get offended by this but instead of the Inkster Graham model routes. Goes the I am human and I have a very successful career Rao OK I think that's where you need to pursue and I'm not just saying this because. I think you'd be a great match for my here. She is wonderful and really been pushing this idea she's very cute she's very professional and she's got a heart of gold. I know create a connect. I just think that's who you should be pursuing as opposed to the I moonlight as the as the monster energy drink girl. You know and yeah yeah so what do you think. Forward what's your plane. On I mean. I don't really have a planet to be a part of the problem that is part of the Broadcom. And try not put people why don't let us. I think I just think it's because I aid. I don't wanna settle I'm pretty picky about what. I keep a lot of conversation and settling that's what. Get that far weight to our how can have all your settling if you're not even meeting keep on. On the Scots are there and I you know I mean you write in its. Don't just like they're super smoke and hot people on the news and I am denied that person so I totally. It could be somebody that you just like she's he notes and Jimmy and then you're like oh my god sees me and asked. Let's eat like because of our schedules and I'm not saying that this is like the end all be all but sometimes it's harder to be able to go out like during the week or whatever and was like okay. There for instance. I've girl you meet while go out and birdie eagle holing out on a gay rights. It's harder during the week because we have to get up so early BC and other are we hadn't I know the weekend a time. And that's why I don't like going like I lie I look at the elegance or Kevin and the people that work here the problem is is that like there are young and they wanted to clubs like. This is not the place to meet you know it's not like that was cool I was might want you still do you wanna meet people. Do you know I didn't hear dog and you're not do you want to support job. On match. Or play or I felt he and I've tried all these they don't work selling ads is say number of people you don't wanna be ballad she adds. You can't say it on weekdays. And I go wallet Kevin your and it's not plays three to meet people. And we all agree going out with Kevin to terrible idea you should probably stop doing that right so you want the romantic comic the experience of Europe the library and you both to reach for the same book at the same time. Here's what Sharon did this experience. Right I mean that cool don't. Now that's the problem is usually well we all agree or don't want real life. I.