Return of the Electrical Light Parade

Monday, August 15th

The Main Street Electrical Light Parade is returning to Disneyland for a limited time!!! Listen to the Wake Up Call talk about the news and how excited they are for it...


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1079 the end and I am good news I have I would say bad news from as the people in my wife's non mine and where you stand in this Katie but I have news that I eighths and I think they scoop are Disney. Fanatic. Oh captain Andy it's the end of an attraction. In Florida. They're getting rid of something in all of you world's magic kingdom it's good news for Disneyland visitors because. Returning. Mean and I knew the first part I didn't know that's. What is coming back you do humanity and one hit irons and gentlemen our arrow you know the Disneyland. Big theater robot electric like pretty yeah. It's not a spectacular. Best able imagined on nighttime imagine you can imagine I should really mean thousands of sparkling lights yeah. And electoral sense the magnetic and musical sound in this regard McCain's string here you like lol very. I. I don't know what is that. Because the. We can do. An easy thing to say I. The bad news in my opinion is that there are some clean coal mine life and others. You can scientifically proven that you hear those. You'll hear the next. This case scenarios they fly. I know they're getting reelected prayed in my lower than getting rid of it in Florida. But they're shipping and I don't know. In the California. Might not I. While I like couldn't be imported if you'll be with the heat all the parts on the back from the trap probably not coming. Why don't they just transported. As the parade and he's going to like to beat you can't discriminate well. All I got those people and couldn't handle it they think they gay festival named a town known Hamas tonight. This guy I had goose bumps and lost and then come back twice now. Oh man this is exciting. You sound like my childhood Shaq went out when we land last October. Member we went on for like a Phoebe memorial strip yeah. We went to Disney World and while we were there we watched this parade twice. And and it was awesome to watch my son Connor. Like you'll just as much as I did the kid because it's like special worries me it's all nostalgia. Like it's not laid down on paper the night that thought that's part of the sixtieth it's down there are now wait. Like that's like awesome and there's Al lead deeds and it's like over the top. The mainstream electric parade is old school it's. Does the good yeah magic aren't they it's cool outlets like. I'll there's something timeless about it. I'm just received this Uruguay go to California and people who didn't grow up on it if vote tally was here he did why. Yeah it was yeah. That. Yeah and we did a year it debuted in Florida than it was shipped to California. Planning in 1991. And I didn't know. Yeah and then it since coming back down so right really gets going like oh my god I got to drive across three again it's gonna. Florida hey Matt how. O'clock I had that wrong it is it bad it was at Disneyland in 1972 to 1996. Instant feedback for a limited run and electricity is expensive nowadays chair back in wall standing please you could power entire park. For what twelve cents guys were drown anyways so I that's kind of cool. How does this mean Disneyland is getting rid of the color of the night parade 2000 employee have after tonight I don't know I'm assuming so yeah part of the sixtieth. And well. Many young players that's all got to go away means they're getting in new world a collar to I think that's not and is there a song I like Carly Rae Jensen an owl city and that's sounds great and that's songs from record Ralph though it's not part of that. I mean yeah hard to operate the downpour that's what I know me you know event. Like any home right unbelievable and Momo mobile. It's. A very nice talking to each other we're like yeah. We have great guys. Anyway say at Disneyland electrical parade coming back. This is exciting and instead land but it's going to be sometime in the next year we assume so awesome.