Rottenest Tomato 7-19-18

Thursday, July 19th

The Wake Up Call play another round of "Rottenest Tomato" to give away tickets to the California State Fair: 

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When a six IBM. And read it. It's the way get. Before package tickets to the California State they're going on right now to July 29 at cal expo and the wake of cult. We're going to be broadcasting live this Friday night from five to seven at California state fair. Who duty with the call top ten countdown from out there. We're gonna play a lot of our new game is called read this tomatoes definitely give us rules. So 83 movie. There are group to buy a common theme today they're all gonna be actors that are an actor that was an all three movies. You have to tell us which one has the worst score on rotten tomatoes that end up playing this morning mark from Sacramento the morning mark. Thanks Tom so how many did it to get right to get two out of 32 out of three I market ready to white. I so lot equalizer to comes out this weekend so let's talk about Denzel Washington he's been through bad movies. All. Number line. Virtue velocity. This is a movie about a future cop who has tracked down a cyberpunk. Who's a computer simulation a hybrid of a very still serial killers who has managed bested in the real world how how line or. The book of where he's a blinder warrior wandering across the desolate post a pot go. Let picked. Landscape to bring the Bible the San Francisco. All three. Carbon copy where it's comedy where he plays Roger Porter. A young man who reconnect with his father he never knew who's a rich white guy when the secret comes out. His dad lose everything in the two have to hilariously lived gathered pop yeah. How tough a draw real movies I can tell you're asking which has the worst rating on rotten tomatoes that is correct by mark which or gases. Yeah. Virtual locks the UR coup. Yeah. What about my choice Allen did some pretty bad virtual lock city by the way the bad guys Russell Crowe in that movie a while before anybody really knew him are right moving. Let's talk about rock the Dwayne Johnson now an okay note that I am this movie doom. The rock is so large. He leads the team of space Marines sent to a science facility and Mars. To stop a mass murderer who rejected DNA from an alien into themselves. Or number two. Very tall rough and tumble rocky player Derek AKA the Tooth Fairy. Its sick didn't this time it's a real Tooth Fairy complete with wings blind after he dashes the dreams of young fans. Or three. Long shot. Jack Taylor is a Beverly Hills tennis pro slash gigolo. A good. With the black but wait there's no surprise then given. Who is blackmailed by corporate and powerful businessman and is forced to seduce a wealthy widow in New York City to a team insider information on his blackmail her. Also starring in figured britney's. A Mac. I wish it has the worst school rotten tomatoes mark. Yeah and yet though don't get their it. Yeah. Antonio. Had 18% on rotten tomatoes longshot as 2%. I. Did Britney Spears and think and always. Those written and thought I did and it's not like all all wrong. I hope it went out drama. How I wonder if all of means that you then it. Hoped that guy is like Justin Timberlake and George got one all the mark are you need this one away and I were Glenn brought this tomatoes Jolie can call. The ever tricky Nicolas Cage and number one Bangkok dangerous. On a mission to carry out a series of contracts killing I hit man played by Nicolas Cage becomes a street punks unlikely mentor. And begin the tentative romance with a shot girl. Lot going on there are now number two pay the ghost. Haunted by eerie images and unexplainable messages. Our man tries to unravel the mystery behind the disappearance of his son boon or number three the wicker man. A long man uncovers strange rituals a sinister harvest festival. And possible. Sacrifice as he searches for a missing girl a secluded island. I wish when mark which one has the worst rating on rotten tomatoes. Yeah. I looked a little while that. Go. Yeah yeah. I'm all well and I. Pay is 10% on rotten tomatoes but Bangkok dangerous has 8%. Hi so we wanted to and actually don't get on all right Mike from Sacramento the morning. Ireland's finance duties in the mics that are. On Mike's winning and the back up all that view that player and the next person win them Mike you've done absolutely nothing to achieve this victory today can gradually and. Probably got four back it's against you by the California state fair going on and now through July 29 the cal expo way to go. 165 BN.