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Thursday, May 10th


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When a six idea Devlin anyway go wake up call. Every morning at 810 and it's Gavin this phone scams look back story on this front work on Danielle she's the manager of the local grocery store. And dire her boyfriend. He beat kind of an idea of what to do. Because she said that she doesn't like it when people called the grocery store to ask for items that the grocery store clearly has. Like mustard okay like that. So I called up. With a bunch of ingredients I know they don't have. Because the are not real. This falls. On the way. Thank you own little. I can't please speak with the manager. Her among. Try it again now gonna help you. I Danielle my role Labrador and I need a bunch of ingredients for my relatives are visiting from Eastern Europe and I wanted to make them some like it very. Homeland issue type meals for them which I've never may before but it needs a lot of ingredients that I'm not familiar with the sound just making sure that you have them. Before I come on down and can I just run over a few things you can tell whether and I you have them. Oh okay great first thing is out peppered salt. Peppered salt. I'm pretty sure how that. Oh great okay on the winter chambers. And he would like to pound those all. Oh that's OK on. How about party beeps. Party beefs they come and filet is where they common shanks. That's not that's not a term employee let Barry. It's and I only need the adult ones I know there are. That's right. Goat dust and need a leader of that. And Dustin DUST. Well. Okay man I am striking out Peta loaf I just need to pinch his peanut loaf. I mean we don't carry that either. Cheese. Una no do overs. You know Sarah. I don't think I want the grocery store that and I have being an eye in the. I know I didn't think you were but I don't know worlds to get these like where I there's something on in this recipe called hush buys I don't know what hush a bye in dire. I think we have those are. I don't cookie. I doubted it says I need to melt them down. And then whip it. So like I maybe there could use what about peach Travis you've got one and I need that unsalted. Well I don't sir I can acquire a specialty store I'd have very unique. I don't inside the writing cultural this year yeah. It's and you guys don't. No unfortunately our act not not you know the sort Leo. Anything Kerry chick. I've seen that I I'm pretty sure that I'd seen that. You're welcome to coming out of baggage. I think quite a few items on your list what not to network connect Mary. Right OK but I'm sure you have clever dogs right. And that's DA WG yes. I get mad that I'm not familiar with that why. Oh my god you don't even have that I mean why not this word. Yeah me. I don't know you know I know our inventory pretty well and I guess. Not heard a lot of these I. You do special these items like it could you order stuff like a I want my. Huge order me a case of terror Jews could you do that. It went a large demand for certain I am and then we might you know. Start carrying items ordered items but added and that is now a week probably letters you know different solo. OK. Last line do you have any wakeup calls. All wake up call. Yes that's a juror on is is Gavin from the wake up call wanna solid yeah your phone scam. So what we're saying how much better. Let's let us. I am in my head. This actually your boyfriend's ideas so I he email and told me don't you.