Second Date Update 1-16-18

Tuesday, January 16th

Brian wants a second date with Jenna but she said they do not share the same values:


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First day Jack it's the second data updates on the wake up call the end second update time on the wake up call say good morning to Brian hi Brian hello. I'm Brian inkjet Elin adds to a nice dinner after they met on Tinder. Brian you said date date was great you guys had great cumbersome issue and you guys have a lot in common. But you heard from Jenna a few days later and it didn't sell like she was interested in doing it again what happened. Yes he met since me back and saying you know thank me for everything in. She didn't think we shared the same. Share the same values you said. Yeah and I have no idea know what that's referring to you at all I've had nothing about the values keep Turk. And I have no idea racking my brain trying to figure out what that one. Is there something in a Tinder profiled somewhere that you could you point to that. Would make her think you guys have different values. I can't imagine there would be Ramirez and there was I would think she would have you know decided before and that's a good candidate. Yeah I'm. All right let's get Jenna on the phone and let's see F five she could explain to us what she meant by the values Jenna good morning. And root Jan you are not second they'd update on the wake up call on one a six by the end its Gavin Katie in rain brought a maligned senator Breaux and I know our hi I never. Got that delay I used to does outweigh those great odd surge. Out we were talking to Brian and I guess you guys had very amazing thirsty guy it's not a contender which is great sits Toni Tina but I guess Bryant was wanting to follow up have another deep but. You said something about how you guys don't match Dowd used what it's what do you mean by that it did to Republicans for some clarification. I'm. The world will basically. I can relate at all arm and I would've been okay burning the edge actually Campbell Piet. She ordered to create an air conditioner and aligned ourselves. And so. At some point like I figured she would either paper all properly can pick from orbit in interpreting you there and. Eight or so and he. Asked is what the check at the end of the meal out you're saying. Not I would have been looking putting you'd like you know he didn't get put to them that they would put into the break. I wanna like I would be little news. I mean I feel like we need to talk to Brian yeah. Hey. Brian how do you still about this a bad. Habits are. I don't know I usually do you bigger detect even do it. And then I don't know over the top and isn't afraid and the people friends into this. Careers and talk about. You know on a first date paying. Girls like to split the check because. It's sort of you know level the playing field and you know there's nobody's expecting any thing. If you really mean it. You're not asking for something in return. You heard that he does this wasn't the problem it was the the lopsided ready lit like that did McCurdy you at the time of like. You know it did and it was one of those things where I was already really uncomfortable and she seemed OK would everything and then I just didn't wanna be right. Sort of you know like let's keep talking about the check. You know how well aren't they did eat. No no no no just at this time that part and inherently like I don't know what the right thing to do it should be more Republican candidate all I ask. This yet so I didn't want it didn't talk about the checks further. You know I wanted to dispute legal case she can do David let's not give me. Need to keep occupancy. You guys got a second day. He's sweetheart I guess she's coming from totally eat and I think it was just kind of like math he's killed and does know how could you bet right. And then. What do you guarding gas and then. And then you. Brian you just pick up the holes Shaq so you're comfortable and then you guys are not that weird conversation. Yes I don't know if you didn't get a lot. Generally think. Our own I can battle being made. Couple days. I know Jenny you still don't do you still don't sound like you're have been very much on my best. Enter malaria I'm different than what I did I really like and I'm looking forward to inflict so weird was at my side. Hey as long as you're taking ethnic plan that we build on that. Yeah good to be our first challenge to get adequate. Yeah. Well I'm not. Possible a second date in the future for Brian in Jenna thanks guys that we need air and so I'm mixture you have to check discussion before you lord of the student only party decided to check discussion just making sure I. Double double checking is making sharp cat and. And I won't even have when he first state effectiveness. And by its second they'd update on the wakeup call thinks bright.