Second Date Update 11-7-17

Tuesday, November 7th

Dylan wants another date with Samantha but she thinks he's an obnoxious know-it-all and insulted her intelligence about her diabetes:


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Don't see. This is. Six and anyone on the wake up call sunny and 65 today Gavin arrange a conference Friday it was hilarious if you miss did get a laugh this morning on your way into work you can text joke. 273389. Text and data rates may apply. It's the second day yeah. Yeah on the wake up call. By so Dylan went out with some man they went after your dinner and drinks on their first aid deal and I guess that first date went well right you're pretty excited have a second day. Do continental and also not mean this. We had a great charter and net if she shrink its move to a spirited you know the last fight at such utility economic. After the our caller are you out of. It's been like three text no nonsense so. I'm its stalemate. Right now so do you think anything might have finger may you said something on the deed that might have turned her off maybe even not interested in you anymore. I guess you like it he would like work and school or whatever. So maybe that's why shouldn't get back to me. I don't know. OK well let's see if we king gets Smith on the phone and kind of clear this up for you okay don't yet assured thanks. I Highsmith are you there yeah case Samantha it's a wake up call from 1065 the end we're doing a feature we call second date up to eight. We heard that you recently went down on a deep with Dylan and Purdue and really well until it hasn't her bra. My. Pictured. I'm guessing that did not go well. I can't see how Donna and in addition and a major no and all of war and slow. I'm telling. Let's tell him that OK okay and really wants the know let me get Joseph and I go I'd donate their you know by mr. Dylan's same height as Samantha. What thought America. I am right aren't. Right so Dylan I. Doesn't sound like dig deep and as well as you fly with Samantha Smith to give us a little bit of context here what what happened on the. Okay well while we're at dinner I told Dolan he that I Obama now like each. He's backed mile island in order and turn things dry out of that line that says that at dawn was like oh you can thank you expect that. You can think you're great. Yeah my grandparent Hewitt Blake your diet figure and it didn't eat well and I like. Apparently not Allah where does this act yet then he would like it magnetic adaptor so I know about all their stuff and yeah. Okay and Allen yeah. Listen I I get is not a doctor but I have never heard that the way you get diabetes. Is through your grandparents. That. Madly like does that feel for. Or the like. But turtle pie later paternal Scion didn't. Well it's it's it is the science like my data is that docs and each parent on during a battle Burma all it can't. Yeah and that isn't Dermot you know what doctor and don't know it is yeah that. Alone so what are. I would not the only thing I mean not that that's not enough but was that the only thing that he would that he knew about. That's not how it really chuck and then to Canada and out. So did you guys fight about it because the kind of person where I and a social situation. And somebody says something that I definitely no is not right. I cannot let a golf I in the exact same way yeah and we are better than ash that's true Stella and are you that kind of person that like yeah he's said that and then you just couldn't let it go or did you let it go. Not ironic obedient aunt who gave up this stupid thing I ever heard anybody say I'm an argument and that's. Earth you know let you need I had diabetes. And it's it appeared that the dermatologist and then you tell all. I felt like you know I can't even argue that its first and keep he's not. Beijing on actual logic. If you feel threatened by by you know smarts like that's your problem okay. A wrong. Think she felt threatened as much as turned off like can you see the difference what you should amount Upper Darby then yes you're up against Taylor. Oh yeah bear yeah. Oh boy did we. Train is back origin. If there were put in poor eating habits so as caused the problem with the any other dates viewers have. Now that we usually grow Bullock really impressed with what how much I know sir. Last time you. The day I don't want people all the time how many second dates. So I don't know whatever whatever our water and you do it. Wow OK listen I don't think you sound do she thinks you're also thinking. I cement that I hope we have a wonderful day and Dylan. We don't care what happens the OK now that's. I don't like guys are thank you don't. What's next hello wake up call. We have tickets to these Sacramento magazine best of Sacramento part in the convention center next Saturday and believe and I know wake up call is nominated for best morning drive show. If you wanna win call the show right now 7661065. They're guys that a hundred bucks each. 7661065. And gets to play next at 640. It's the return. Okay. And resort well. One of the presents under the tree number between one. Eject them. 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