Second Date Update 12-5-17

Thursday, December 7th

Claire wants another date but jon says no way because she was such a sloppy drunk on their date when she tried to impress him with her whiskey-drinking


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First day jackets this second day every day on the wake up call. CN flares up the phone with us this morning good morning Claire good morning to hang. So Claire and John minute partying didn't really headed off to have been talking for awhile finally decided to go out and grab some drinks Claire you should you guys had a ton of fun right. I'll get you need me behind I think he did and airline official attraction isn't guy and orange and. All right and got an old Ohio boy so he said that night that he was down for another date that you haven't heard from him since. Currently but I remember this why don't you might have been the hallmark OK you know like action nobody let gliding and you're like yeah we'll do that and I just can't let you learn last. And I checked it and cook it and finally ejected back. Yes shoot eighteen I think really really busy and continues to them I mean. Kinda keep in constant news good I just mean well like she killed her little conceit so what I remember airlines that. I didn't in new. And it'll seat course. I'll camera angle that's that I said Sinai gas all right be well let's say give John on the photo let's see we can iron this out John great Eric. John this is a Gavin Katie and rain in the wake up call from 106 by the end you're on a Cigna we call second date updates and out we. Ask you couple questions about a girl you and Alex recently named Claire. Well. I tell us about it tells about the date. She would hand down. These sloppy used to draw could I have ever seen. Or been with in my life. War oh all the details what happened why it. And actually it. It should know about the great utility what do you born without the aegis OK first I'm a bourbon drinker I mean about Hillary in delegates counted but she's she's got a look at units wish you would try to. So your dream can burba and she's now drink in Burbank OK aren't you know it's so Purdue allow it. Let's get Trickle Creek area they're on your players at John. Don't actually get. 98 years. Eating I'm not a sloppy drunk I tried driven YouTube and I liked it and I thought. Unlike attacked a woman can think that he would you have before you got. What nut bag that you won't continue that you were you fortunate Greta my crotch of the bark you. I'm on the way everywhere every line so we clearly getting yhency at the ball. I would not eating and be integrated into each other thought I'm just glad this cry to the ballpark. He could not grab it caught my hand he had wash I there's such thoughts. And I don't remember it probably over your bad person whom you you were so drew woke up I had to get us both to work could you could go around the pet co beginning cure all that's awesome. I don't remember it happening quite like he's describing. Were you trying to like he popped. In there like drink and drink yeah. Question how many did she have John did you guys have the same amount don't know generally more silly says she had more than you'll how many more. Are I don't know undervalued I didn't really keep track after till. New home OK now you know like she was deadly ordering drinks when you were or where is she ordering a drink every time you order a drink. Like it so I won't just guessing I'd but I know I had to stop in commercial fall. Because somebody had to stay sober or at least functional. While. Boy Claire no offense but IIE you're not a reputable witness if in this scenario I don't think it. So I'm gonna have to just go with the John here and say like you got too drunk for him and you over the next. No I wasn't humble and an elite. I yeah I think it is at the capacity in Egypt can. I mean and that whatever hey Arianna you just like you I mean and I guess it wouldn't be that he's trying to protect her feelings 'cause. I mean I'm starting to ghost ship. But if you want to know I told you. Let's not really ghosting when doing your banking on the fact that she doesn't remember anything. Well I am sure the Arab plan the end sky is that could keep bubbly feel Clare Clare when you ought to. Another first date because it doesn't sound like there's gonna be a second in after this one. Maybe you water. Big image clean Aggie add Bibby pace yourself do I need to monitoring mode again I'm happy for awhile. I'll AE he's still yeah. I am I good I got it through a minute okay tied it sickened ate up did in the wake up call. Next so low.