Second Date Update 2-13-18

Tuesday, February 13th

Listen to this weeks second date update to see If Dana and James hit it off on their first date.


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First day Jack it's the second data updates on the wake up call yen it's second they'd update on the wake up call I'd say good morning to Dina. I didn't have my eye. I it's like Dino when at a date would James they went to dinner they had a blast. You told us off the probably the best first each you've ever had. You know I think. I thought like I could really be myself and he even have no problem talking about himself and and boats but it wasn't. One good day for you would like to kind of fill the time talking about. Boring. Saudis and the date went so well what happened at the end of the night. Not literally I'm out he came over and they'd. Know. There was another day with us because I thought I latest. Did you guys up. I'll either I have that balance really very you know I'm and then we Midland. I get together again pick our dog with a dog parks yeah. Beckett hadn't really parent them Hamlet a couple months bomb outside the bonded but he just kind of faded out. All right well let's suing condemned by. Let's see let's say you jets on the phone here let's figure out so why he's stringing you along I'd James allow. Well James tiger morning it's a Gavin JB and rain or the wake up call on one a six by the end you're on a segment that we do called second date up to eighty. We talked to dean we heard that you and Dana had an amazing first date is that correct. Oh. Yeah out. It is and of course the question. I mean. You're not okay you then you guys didn't got again I feel like you're coasting us right now. Yet are you there. Yeah I don't normally you know times yeah yeah yeah oh Arafat. Aircraft. Okay okay keep her lucky her jeans. She had a great time and the kids she. Confess that you guys are backed her plays and as she put it stayed until it was another day you and laugh and then never really heard from your hadn't so what were trying to do is figure out why is that. Yeah I guess the main reason would be. We've heard in dog we heard little squawk here knowing Doug. Wade the dog is the reason why you haven't really talked to Dana since. You guys hooked up I'm not sure I buy that and got it. Hi T dog the about insure that it like dogs. No it does it Dana an underdog it's not just the dogged. You know sort of set foot regardless throughout dinners are showing me pictures. It is nervousness comparable buttered are. When I got wrecked her life. All of the dog and you've more or you know the dog scratching on the door standalone tool he just looked lobbying the do you know how hard it is to perform when you got the annual dog in the bow tie scratching on the doors she's yeah. He's zero. And I know he's he's yelling at me I know this little man dog is. I don't like the dog got dressed up for your daily that was nice that dumb idea nag you Dina are you there. Yeah DUSA had a James. And Dan. True follows and you're god where's about. God get stranded at the door the entire night president that. I mean some of the time yeah I he'd normally it's an error on and I shut the door in the states and yeah I really annoying and I was trying to be nice about it because. Like what I have heard that jumped in and out of bed and like try to strain the bug in the underdog and then I'm back to that and try to get back into the fact it may play. No I just tried to act like an adult and make. Make it sound like a closed but what you do know. We make a lot of fair warning right. Oh yeah I had I had interject here because let that I didn't really downplaying this dog sleep in it and dog now world trade. OK now when we cheaper than I did really dark though like making out cheese. The dogs. And then you've tracked down the door you'd like Eddie you. Bald head island and I feel like you want to get an airing kill lead you to very distracting. We can't we had to stop right chalk it up to nerves as being our first our own my I only limit what I can't you already know enough about the odd. It's. Oh my god and I was gonna go out here again I haven't it yet oh my god you're sort. If you seriously hit the incident yeah good luck in my news. We just not yet that if he was destroy you've got to cataract the distraction. And if you weren't counteracting. Then it's not a 100% his ball okay and I just ask oh like well okay clearly. A second date okay clearly. But the question that everybody needs to know what is your dog's name. What are at a snarl. Of courses so I was asked us charm. He looks like prince Charles de Beers that I believe I've been a cake with that vigil I now know why. Her voice and data.