Second Date Update 3-13-18

Tuesday, March 13th

Terra wants a second date with Don, but he hasn't been responding to her, lets find out why on the Second Date Update. 


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First day Jack. It's the second data updates on the wake up call one six C and my son for a second they'd update rehab at Chara on good morning terra. And it's a tear you wanted to date with on and tell us about the date how did you get. I'll let her stay that it was a terrible. Habit I've already well on their hand and I'm I think it's really attractive we have dinner we had more armed liberal think I had I mean I wanna see how long. So Terry you don't want another day. That you have you heard no problem and moan after I checked with him I couldn't get a reply and I really hope it's not go out and. While death slot he didn't go stocks that we got Don summer so what's that lets at dawn on it let's find out the real reason why alcohol. I Donna either. Hello Jay Don now look at it's a wake up call it's I'm second need to update so we found that UN on a day with Tara it's a credit. Yeah. Cadillac I I'm not. That is always is the appropriate way to respond once that plane who we are yeah. Mean had a conversation with terror and we won in no way it's been out of date did you think again because she said she thought of the day. Yeah. Well. Not really I don't know though I just I'm getting the feeling that she's not into that you know she's. She's taken better nail polish sim lake those of you listening in Washington doing it like. Leaks and there were flying all over the place and I think some landed in our news our nose. They. As it. Out of that and if the whole bubble spot was thought after that point you know I just didn't they just didn't feel like she is into it and honestly kind of rub me the wrong way that you know around get married like pat on Thursday when you first meet someone like how could sort music and yet you know. You said that it was chips or fly ball well on to her why and yeah I mean you. Yeah I believe Leo but huge huge sit there and watch her eat pieces of her own mail polished without with a high. You. Of all I don't know like the protocol is that the Earth Day it's at all without the Berkshire itself. I don't dispute that I just kinda. Side by Russia decided that let the you know get through there at that night and yeah out of knows the weird. It's does get through this camera got to get here are gonna. Is our own oil and ball. Oh yeah and because it. To be doing and you don't even know your Dooley and. I'll give you. A little inserts the credit that you've lake and I'm really only go in and night out. They're good economic and technical violence. I'd be like every girl listening has been in this situation where part pretty obliged that sort of keeping abolished has Ariza started bike. Waking up and police there might go on it even you know you're doing okay and my only person here that's concerned for your help here like you know. It. Did she did not bad or gonna be and I'll talk the day and imagine that it's good for you know. She is super nervous clusters so we. Are god. Yeah. Yeah. Error in the. I did that feel I just feel like a silicon idiot now I thought I'd like you're just not interested in you're at or inflicting pain around in my own 100. Okay you can worry a little sure Pelé I let them sort let's talk about it all the time cell. And get started. Kick off I don't always completely. I'm a guy so NM singles obviously I'd been on plenty of dates sure. Ever witnessed this point it's easy the first front hey I'm sorry I'm just oblivious and paying attention to what Steve because. Upon she could see it and I'd like. And I'm trying not to look a year and guide but it's because they've been working on a while. He together her by its streets and out they're Dong would you be willing to go on another gala terror. And now that I got the full story I mean. I've got parents pretty cute you know and I think al-Qaeda narrative I don't want to leave myself in bears in order but but that. She wasn't gilded. Eric you wanna go on a second aid I loved you know I mean now but I know that your into it and not the board totally let let it took to get out. Yeah yeah. The Celtics. I'm weird and I like it would second day update actually yield a second day which is over. Would you be OK if like she wore blue lobster company. I think this is accused second inept they would never have I mean it's not back. That's. What what's hard is experts you Oceanic and me I bounce. Yeah. At least the good parties now that you're going out on a second day you're actually gonna get another meal instead of eating all your nail. And I don't know.