Second Date Update 4-1-16

Friday, April 1st

This week’s Second Date Update took a surprising (and kind of a racist!!) turn! But most people still thought it was hilarious. Listen here and find out what happened…

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I. Commerce second half day here in the wake up on Lee and well at next recently. You can like his appearance he says that you last a lot of mistakes and you were kind you celery ejected when he said at the end you know is really nice meeting you I don't think we're good match but million nice meaning you keep in touch it was very feel like tundra like he wasn't interested caught you by surprise. You said it sucks to be you know shot down like that. Yeah it diet we're here to find out why me you know why the difference of opinions who have been put on hold land attack okay. Guys we have nick on the phone nick here on the air at the wake up call good morning. We're doing a segment of the second date update I think they kind of explained it a little TLC air. Listening on hold right now. Lee and her issue and a first it was recently. Hi she came does she said like are you now. I really liked him but she said that you also toner you weren't mentioned going out there again they wanted to match and she wanted to answer south now knowing that. Can you tell her what went wrong. Tell urge you heard itself. Yes she wants to now she wants a teller to herself it's his war and if you know you tell me I tell Katie Katie tells Gavin Gavin males or something has borne out there right now. She would like to now set. I decide to use candidate don't hang on hang on wow this is why do you hang on a second OK maybe not dumb but just. Let's hope this isn't it let's get her on the phone never explain how it is back and. How is however even mean. Okay. You go to it bigger mean but. That's the. It's if if we can't eat me and you do you mean you know what it means to be ignorant cracked. What I did it meet Rick and I am not route. And it doesn't the and that's why I hang on a second there Ali and nick. Next. I know I'm just mad here but that's being nice here Leann let's get some answers for yet how was she. Ignorant. Okay I'm Porter again. And to get taken out Mexican basically. Get actually she kept asking me questions about the black vote. How are you so tall for a Mexican. All. Are. Clearly a little yet big broad but I mean it's tiger you know debris art pop. He's not in law is only this thank you can't we just. Haven't Scott. It's not what you call me all this. And opened the part that's. And we and we again. Let's say hey Slater what the problem as I mean is she doesn't Alan I don't wanna do when the talent. Okay it wasn't that you call me talk wasn't offended that you called me tall. I was I was offended that you. Call me you were saying I was Mexican and I told you I was Puerto Rican they're they're two different countries. An ocean they can set you owe be other one and issues says oh you're at the other. One ordering again. Oh that's right and we'll only know. And check back. I think and they keep they kept dialing back in the other if you if you whether they're Mexican and I can hook you up. Oh my god you know and a Hispanic Spanish Mexican and Puerto Rican and I think it you know. You wanna yeah. Yeah. Okay I'm in what else was there anything else or just magazine it's funny how seriously and it. It seems like an innocent mistake I did do that but it seems like was there more to it and we're really break it down here by light on the day it was there more than Bob did you neck. So she said let Fiat me win my parents came here had to make and it's come here I was like what. This they came from Arizona. Come from another stage. It gears so. You know it was just like I. Oh I thought that was very that was trying to get to know you. In fact. Neck didn't see hateful person. I know and I know you. God bless you and I really don't think that she meant anything malicious I think that he didn't. This is the learning lesson for you for what the word ignorant actually meet him means not knowing not having. And right information destitute of knowledge access. So that couldn't just like one is saying she kept talking about it like I was wearing a Cabrera on. It still wouldn't just like one saying it was list they were kept explaining it and she still went and giving. Brand out there I mean. And I guys so check this out this I don't think it's ever happened on a second and update was ugly and hung out to. All and we get her back in the fund dinner are from the none I don't know maybe a worker on right now I feel bad because I just wanna see what's going and and she is she should be back okay now we're being told she's not gonna come back and she says she feels embarrassed all. Long I feel bad for her like thanks for talking resonate you actually major cases we've been ridiculously well yeah certain. Are we too hard on her was he too hard on her 733 and I was number attacks on just a security were you is that to say so wake up call one to seven on the end.