Second Date Update 9-11-18

Tuesday, September 11th

Heather and Pete went on a date but someone requested money back for the date:

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It's the second data updates on the wake up call one six see and time for second in a picture on the wake up call Heather's on what does this morning to morning Heather. Good morning so Pete and Heather met Eddie wedding. Had a great time exchanged numbers you guys met for dinner later in the week. I have they told us off the air that you realize pretty fast that Pete was not the guy for you what what happened at the dinner to make you think that. You know he's just pure world who can channel I don't think he announced a single thing about might help. Are we doing brought burst said yeah I can do you buy that I mean you. Do you know why don't you why you're out all of this person yeah. Well no I don't wanna go out we can get I mean he's idea of he tried to thank. Me and at the end and I like turned my head it did that little it keeps its thing and after I got home I kept it and thank you for dinner but I think at that would like you know what I don't think we're compatible and then she could. I didn't respond to that. He can't it can't ever abandon her request from my calf could get care. Really walks. Her wake up call listeners that don't know it then Mel is what you do it's an app any type in someone's email or phone number. It sends them are requesting. Asking them hurt money I'll let let's get peed on the phone Peter it there. Yes. Pete it's again into Katie and rain were the wakeup call on 1065 the end you're on a signal that we call second date up need. Normally when we have second date up. Our Eric I'm Heather does not want a second dates guide sounded like you were date did not go very well at all. Most of this you're certain that their papers he doesn't want a second date now facts. Okay. So. To date real fast that you had on a waste of energy tells a little bit about it. Well yeah I'm not sure what's going I would rather I can tell she's delegates are remote with both today and then just at the end. She'd get up Ty will not know what happened but I was Blake. Cubicle or burger gentleman called my number well. Okay and he did you are Bonino request. Or heard it. Why is that funny but I just know judgment just wanted to now. It really like it would not occur that it didn't work out. Her a 100% to writes we can tell you we should probably tell her off Friday. We should tell her like you ruin the day very very. Yeah I'm here Heather you're on the feet. I. Look I'm gonna let somebody you can beat you to get a free meal is bold all right let's get completely ridiculous peach. And regular practice of year's it girl the sort of I would do again is this like your move the. Yeah well you know what to be honest there's an unusual Bermuda as somebody who wanted this second date how hot out I yeah. And out of and found great and epidemics and the call me up go urban center garner me a. You know. So here's the question. And the like but let's assume that you're totally right about Heather and she's the worst. Why are just cut your losses and just never have any contact with her again why I like. Ohio law and and make her pay you back. OK look I'm not running to charity year at all. I know that Williamsburg actually. A lot and even then it went even at fancy dinner it actually looked at addict part of that full trust Siegel an actor beeper like when he thirty bot. Well the ball on the bull. Fifty you know and hit it is a shame that this couldn't work out you have real shame because the makeup. Could be so good that yes yeah. Profit you can't let her. Yeah not bad not meet Canada it. Good luck crashing your next wedding herder are you aren't somebody I've got you know what you're biding my own wedding so all be just fine you're the one you're gonna need to be going to what do you like to. So okay all right are at the replaced and OK I can't imagine another idea that this so will just a little sized gal. But we appreciate you being on sick indeed update and that Pete had a good luck to you. And thank you read it.