Secret Identity

Tuesday, March 13th

A teacher was fired for her secret identity and we reveal who on our show has one:


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106 I mean. Teacher in Florida what's fired because of the eve. They can name and persona. That she had online. It's getting gets a little deeper than that sure does. Gavel story. 25 year old Daon bulk of which our ire from being a middle school teacher. After. A and journalist looked into it the fact that she. Secretly had a podcast. I was all about how great it is to be in Nazi. And how great it is to be a white nationalist. Just a white person where she is the secret name TI. Dot com. And apparently it was not difficult to connect the dot. Ethics stupid Nazi she would always brag about how all. This is not her real name that she is a public schoolteachers somewhere in Florida had the keys to brag about how she. Secretly in pumps her philosophies. On nazism. And like how great it is to be a white person into her curriculum ease he did you more about it and mail it looked good there like. There she is all smiles on the on the Citrus County school district web site. So why now they have enough evidence that's just the or an article they present and about evidence they were just like you. Here wow wanna like this is a terrible. A terrible. Life sequel lite bright but. I mean sick like Ike I wish I was adjusting enough to have a secret life. Well I think the EU Kean and sued to have the secret life if you declined haven't seen alive and I don't have time to have my real life. I. And lord your real light. It's like nothing probably wore to leave totally I know you have a secret life Pete you can keep it secret. Got hot in the about a secret when I go to guys don't tell. Guys yesterday started a secret. Passion that Africa track. Oh now the right answer words do you are good at eBay your life has secretly. Right that's sure I am amber yeah it's gonna be in real life secret that my. The secret life right right Kevin I'm I don't have a secret like that is shocking. Now what about producer Gabe. I guess I would say do you seek yeah you did look well actually I mean it's and I'm not a Nazi. That's the RI on the good starts. The truck and actually like likened medium BJ like an electronic music Egypt dolls. Yeah. Yeah I have a mix show that I do. And while I can't it's like on the radio in Seattle I'd do it makes. Yeah. Yeah usually eat. Mixed you know and Seattle yeah butchered butchered DJ name Gabriel's us Nadal. Is I. I should know that that's like guerrillas know is now we have. Well. Public health it's I do not have a homeland and all the. Marshmallow. Battle cynicism that are all okay and I don't go yeah I'll neighborhood. What are you just didn't what do you do get a helmet the weakens those are your piece and he just we're like a bike helmet or something. I I don't know if that's like a cool. Little work on. The we'll go and yeah. It's the safety is no accident. One who thought something like yeah yeah I was just try to keep. My secret life private but I really do have a secret life and gave one necessary head back to share mine too that's all we are that we are down oh my is way more inches deep and EDS and DJ IMAP. Seattle radio yeah. And how it's pretty cool I'll bet you guys now why talk about Tennessee all the time. We still was hurt your beauty trying deliberately hit my god I'm glad you're trying to date but I am actually a co owner of the Hennessy products no war yeah I'm and that's a lot of my time and I do subliminal. Advertising that clubs. It's crazy that they trust you with that considering you ms. pronounced two words that. I. I suddenly all around the world. Around. You can. Last week I was in Dubai and he can't help our they did. Yeah Dubai that's somewhere in the O'Meara American it's a lot of do you think you're on a camel. Amount cup cutter Campbell. Yeah. I was in mentally somehow trying to you'll be okay I love you know. I would argue about it before I got my life I'll buy cedar I've had some M no I'll bet to actually see hair now I. That's quest to add. Does it because I don't want people keep asking me for my free tennis these are my. I got a new flavor to bring you know it's well what I don't like OK we cannot let go out of my. I can I mean it's totally true I mean what they are battered and DJ. I any and I believe everything bad you have to Wear a helmet.