Sexual Harassment

Thursday, April 20th

Listen to The Wake Up Call different forms of sexual harassment and what they are comfortable or uncomfortable with:


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All one big idea. Please tell where he chart I get. Coming here the guys you guys have openly accuse me of let's sexual harassment because I wanted to touch my freshman elbows and yes I thought he and Katie you did IG you liked it anyway so I can't get a message from somebody got to put. Are thinking about sexual harassment if anyone's gonna complain about sexual harassment is from there probably should be me about a lady is yeah lied. Because you care oh have I ever told you that when you give each other backgrounds in tanked it makes me a little uncomfortable only why I have not had a lot Lange and that's when a sexual grassroots. Do you think well I'm in the room and I don't know how I don't know what I'm slim Burma supposed to look here's my breasts and close the luck okay now. I mean it's a but I never send things I've decided. You know why after so many years organ of the guys that's a form of sexual harassment and lay by the by the book by the book definition and I want it turns in my coworkers are touching each other in the back they probably could fight a they probably could say they probably say the I am file a complaint is our at least talked yet again the by the letter of the law. I'm but I decided I think I'm okay with that kind of sexual harassment a guy and I asked this question on FaceBook what kind of sexual harassment and are you okay west and I wanted to kind of go around the room and see if there's anything you guys are I'm obviously guys are much more comfortable with that I get uncomfortable very easily and believing defense because your secret forever now know that when now against sexually harassing I'm making my. We are seeing here is a thing now I wanna make something very very very very clear we are not talking about sexual assaults could there aren't huge totally different things were hiking ugly behavior in a workplace setting that might. Make somebody uncomfortable because it complements order inappropriate touching uptight about attacked Steve I know arsenic Karzai again to give anything like that that it makes you it and you. Cool with any sort of form of sexual harassment. Yes this tennis then really strange but when it comes from a gay man I am OK with that any a lot I take the compliment yeah. There is. There's on staff member here whose gang. Who whenever he sees me things that whole area is too rude to. Come on to be in some sort of way. And overtly out yeah. I need is that it does not saddled by any. Stretch of the imagination and how does that make you feel to know that when he doesn't say that to me I feel sexually Iraq though because not how it works and don't get to you don't get hit by the letter of the law I'm uncomfortable because of sending it said it would work but that's all I present my. The way I looked at the definition and our backgrounds don't apply to Jason's sexual harassment claims either I don't know OK now I just looked up and that the management does and again instant Webb said Doug what is a what is the definition by but by the bucket when there is sexual advances or obscene language I think those are such with a massage now I know if there. I'm with just about. All forms of sexual harassed lends one I don't think the person's being Siri as. When I think it is for comedic say you know I am not offended or put off I'm perfectly fine. Now there are a lot of things that can be said to me and I mean if I can find another person's skin yet. If the person is furious and they say that exact same thing. That makes me feel all weighed different does that make sense yet totally intention is what makes sexual harassment. OK or not okay firm. Yeah Colleen on FaceBook says she's they're working and attorney's office downtown there's no HR we joke inappropriately knowing takes it seriously it's comic relief and then in with no filter at a very stressful job and we do we all agree though if someone is gonna come my guess not since I was in comfortable -- said now I don't. We all year uncomfortable don't want the problem. And I need he explained to us why you are uncomfortable. We decided to expand its. We change our being here is we think we deep to Abdullah and why don't you like. When nick Gavin and I grab each other's shoulders I know I make Kevin grabbed my shoulders sometimes. I'll have can't explain it just makes me uncomfortable doesn't count mormons have a South Africa I. Not answer while but I feel like it's like an indictment does and doesn't address what I got used to it isn't just Texans say if it you know I just took a huge trading at work and backers are considered a former sexual harassment if the person around uses a decent income from doing to know is now. Iran due to the I said I the way the Jason Swartz is coffee out of this thermos and sexual harassment because idol I get it makes me feel funny down there and why. Why you all know just I don't know it just does it just makes me feel the money you downright incompetent regulators who. Oh god you're so good yeah. Yes I got a bit and you drink like that you were good. The current revenue was part of what can sexual harassment you coalesce. Part pretty much everything final and the thing is it's. Coming to work every day you come into work every game's a game on who wants to your standards yeah. Yeah that coming from GA and. One just inside the end.