Silly Pop Song Sounds

Tuesday, October 10th

Gavin wants to add something new to his bucket list. Listen to find out what it is:


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Ball one thing but in the end it's again analyst adds something to his bucket list Jarrett bill I haven't heard what else is on the bucket list you. You don't you ever heard what's on Mott what's your bucket list for. Well I'm working on going to see every Major League Baseball stadium in the country. Halfway days earlier I don't roll you guys they're me one MI but Phyllis adams' to get in that castle on eighty when you're going to earns Roosevelt got the bucket list item. Big guy. Got to be specific they got a crackle I wanna taste it when you say what might buckle list items fight a bear with just to chair one day hey I want to be big guy doing wrong and an infomercial when I'm gimbal. I can't get one over exaggerated an injury where it's such a simple thing like taking a live off the cup but. I can't do it right this second I take off ice and everything where I can you do. I'll tell you yeah. So Richard no one my new line is I want to be big guy that makes this stupid sound and a pop song we've talked about this many times that. I hate here than music we play on one of the 65 the end differently then other people you'd out. I hear things. That people have just except did some things stand the test of time. Such as the song cyclone who I don't remember who sang that song may be dashed deep and okay that's song all only had it in the background. War three minutes. I'm not bow and Obama. Well I've I'm gonna go out and Bob. Like frank an alarm clock well. Everyone loved it and don't forget that. Rule. Aren't like gas cyclone but I. The Internet and Justin Timberlake song than just ram mobile mobile got the final as long does that include don't don't don't. You're right yeah and the fact you're up by usher is every track angle and it does winning and and actually won an award. It actually won an award for most guys created music Francona thought. Am so many people never nominate category was massive so I notice things yes you do know that most people don't remember sorted out and and Katie gets mad because. I see that says stop picking apart songs or she says you've just ruined that some and you get seventy point things out and then I can never run here at the sun and heat. Let's the public would love your gonna know me by my taco yeah. It's time go clean that's though. The route that's on and I avenue one. I heard it twice for Kerry magic just listen to this one. I wanna do that in a pop song you. Late you know and judge that's specifically there are dead at the you know senate in an upcoming pop songs are you willing to make other south. Absolutely play the next play. And notre. Just see okay. That's true what they hoped. I can do that you do you don't even need to be filtered. Moon. And I did you need to have specific qualifications have this position I don't know how I don't know how the mouth yeah all right herb. Been. What's the next 15. Being able. He's probably not Ivan does. Time. Some men that's the studio like idiots going. Around the microphone guy I need more hang anymore has not. Both Macs and never really doesn't. Yeah. This is so when you're requires a lot of skills to you know I guess. You're exactly might well okay. Right I mean I can do all kinds of stuff like what. Every you need be to do if you if you want a dumb sound in your pop song which apparently the key to success coldly. Okay can you do. The baby cries sound mentally sound. No that's already been done and how our guys you knew it's like okay he's. You mean like doesn't sound like a little about little. Or just like. When I go yeah. What every you don't you know it's. And somebody had an upcoming track that's gonna be released if you add punch it up yeah that gold platinum. I'm a boy am I know it sounds stupid but it's noted don't don't don't don't don't don't how about this line needing. Mimi Mimi may be good enough. Your song you only have to pay me 101000 dollars for all that trip spite of the good did you call me. Wake up call.