Simone Biles Loves Zac Efron

Wednesday, August 17th

Olympic gold medalist, Simone Biles, got a kiss from her celeb crush, Zac Efron, after the two had a "flirtmance" going on Twitter! Listen to the Wake Up Call talk about the two stars flirting...


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All 107 now. During the Olympics. Yesterday the story broke that small vials not only did she win was at five medals Faisal is a freaking beast I think it is five or six mighty glad citation for renting it might be five could be six she did not dream of Olympic gold. She dreamed of meetings act out front. And it's like who should huge cry shining yesterday after her Olympic success and every interview she did Wear their likes to tell us about your questions act. He showed out any kissed her on the cheek and everyone thought this was like a huge story yesterday. That tomorrow miles better is that air front is and she kissed him on the cheek and all I kept thinking about is like. If there were reversed. Would we all feel like. All are -- regulate it do what they mean reserve reversed how okay legs for example say Ryan Lochte and thank Ryan. You came here the underdog beat beat Michael Phelps you have the gold what do you want he's like. Kinda wanna make out would Demi Lovato. Even if he did there. We'll Eden that if he's a mad about anybody in any way people were things like this guy is the worst ar is and what am I why. Why and I would believe that Ryan Lochte would say that. Totally till. Sorry epic reduces files didn't say that let me make it eight EA to protect bank. They go into an interview with Ryan Lochte it is bad rumor like that so is that a life size cardboard cut. And we provide us an idea like oh yeah. Didn't know he's I I'd easily right because Brian a lot of these light. What do you volunteers older and I got to not you know miles is nineteen she's an adult at night team is way different my. And sure balls it's still acceptable to have like. Like ironically like some kind of picture of a heartthrob on your wall not what I'm not think it's bad enough for a blow. It's so yeah how many guys go to college and still put pictures of like Kendall Jenner up on the wall stuff like that I don't know where you could I impose sturdy. Abide posters the exact signals all the time hey Philly they get him out of their dad's garage but they are actually. Princeton anymore how old man is going to meet them you demo at Wal-Mart and whenever I guarantee there's there's a sexy girl poster hanging in every frat house in America here's the thing and I'm not saying it's bad it's cute as he's beer logo on it she's not existed double standard where. I'm sure there are male Olympic athletes were big crashes bow weeding coverage it is not adorable look at it comes across creepy. Why is because the two of them have been flirting on social media for days now so like everybody's been life is I've got from gonna fly down to re noble cause like he was saying like I'm gonna come down and see you and stuff like that what. Think it's a double standard creepy and has is the difference that fraud is like 20/20 nine years old she's nineteen. Now those sexes were reversed it's not cute anymore. If there was the nineteen year old boy. And light. I can't think of of a thirty year old about how Lady Gaga applied doubting and is flirting on the line with a nice girl boy they were really flirting need only. Yeah I don't know no way we came up because she was a huge fan it was a play people there was nothing sexual about the conclusion of sexual. Play well there were actually flirting back. OK a label alerting the media he CE and ski and I don't think he really is like in her. I don't think that he's necessarily into her. Either by I think he knows that it's good for his brand shore you know letting the other way around it wouldn't be with it would be lag. Will she finally. Got the legal team to sign off on her visit to re down. Now Selena Gomez will. Will hold hands was Ryan Lochte and go swimming privately. His dream is now coming surely the only time I have a problem that is that they can easily writing a lot if he had he had no you keep going man he's the worst personal lot yeah. There is seen bolt has decided he'd it's gonna pay for lady guy got to fly their Rleal. To give me kiss on the cheek and I do know though and she reveal once and mobile's revealed her crush back in July on Zack our fraud and she presented him with the look though leotard that of just his face all over. Half a gallon that in three feet reverse that I'm -- and today he keeps saying it's not a double standard well that's because if you gave Michael Phelps is Speedo with some girls -- on her face is going to be in a bad spot no matter where it's blaze written it anyway I and how creepy would have been any Ryan Lochte had a speed out with Michael Phelps based on all of that would be hole where. Like I did go from the worst. The funny you personalize. Slam when Joe's white. Michael Phelps going like Oleg all Malone plays right on the run but you know become the body burns never log on her.