Sinner & Saints 10/16/17

Monday, October 16th


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That guys it's time again for true or fair. This is where we give you the opportunity to ask us any questions you'd like. If we refused to answer your question we get a pair of tickets to the sinners and saints Halloween party thunder valley casino resort hosted by the wake up call. 7661065. If you wanna call for PCT of good question asked us. And if we don't answer it if we say nope not gonna happen well given the parity if that's what we call it truth or pair. We're gonna start with. Dominate this morning hi Dominick good morning. DeMarre dominant question is for Gavin which Russian. What do you wrote impaired thing happen. What is my most embarrassing habit. In embarrassing habit. What is my most embarrassing habit habit. I guess that I pick my nose. And I like it. Up on the dry side as soon. Did it feels real good to pick my. Well it doesn't feel good debate and knows the dirty liar yeah and that tells me they're under way words right that's true. There aren't. I jasmine good morning jasmine. Hillary are you you to your question is for Gavin de had. All right got to wipe the biggest increase. In. Oh the biggest secret moon. Or vice senate now I wouldn't be keeping the seat. You know that's a great question because that's a lose lose for young people people who say that they don't keep secrets from there. As you're a lot yeah yeah this same legal let's say I don't laugh I end like that till I know you like yeah right totally you. Gotten a lot. Could be even gotten. Yeah. We'll see at the sinners and things aren't maybe I'll tell you bad. Is it. Thought jet hasn't had tickets to the citizens since Halloween party at thunder valley casino resort hosted by the wake up call tickets are on sale now and nude image cells that every years will see up there okay. I think you know. I think I've.