The Skinny Test

Friday, August 3rd

Intern Kevin found an article that talks about how you could eat for free just for being skinny and fitting through the gate: 

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By the end. Still we still. Intern Kevin is committed studio this morning rather upset or is he likes to say it is catch phrase I'm path in fairness why you have so this morning. Com I just found out that there is a rash shrine where skinny people get to eat for free if they can fit through a kick out what fit through effects. And this is in China. Yes I'll just say in America's happening United States I mean if we brought to America rock that would be great but worse for me. Well to be great I can barely fit to anything. But I think if I ate pushed myself too I can get at least my body. Through one cents. It's got action. Or are they trying to eat and people that. I think Barr look like Amy Lou yeah I think mark feeding people who are steamy and eat because it's an all you can eat eggs you see more ads. An opportunity the free yeah. I'm around acts and asked by the time you eat you can come the next day stealth that period of being. Okay does so it's gates. Yes so they ask people to walk through it and if they can walk through it is we got touching the sides is it like he needs as we get there early if you can get through it you get your meal for free Teddy goes sideways and how you can go as lies you get the right you get your meal for effort. And using the your skinny enough for this yeah where your or your original Latin enough this year and Kevin. You're not small. And I I I what he our July and then sell fat you can squeeze stereo. The other a lot of that though you can only squish it down so much do you want you prove you Ronald yeah as soon how you improve this Rockwell we. We know it is or rather don't get out. Now we have a gate so do this when you run out there'll fassel's edit in certain folly to take pictures easy you can slide it estate if you dislike mitigate. That's as the wicked call we'll buy you your next meal really good out there that free dessert the yes I min but you gotta get to negate. I can get to negate a gay and tell. T does she get through the bars of the senate have to necessarily be the we've got a fence around the building that is just like those vertical rod. The only person that saying the truth he's gonna get stock. Gates he's on the phone Tammany there. Hello hi. I am looking. Very fast I ran on the mosque meditating yeah I. And now that I'm out here looking at big gate around. Till they get our school also and I hear you change your mind this. Is yeah. Solid up to get through. I'm trying to stick through my. Kind of sick mind had it not working. Your body parts. And it in my leg or. Your arm RN AR's I. I laid out back and then need part a PT and just yourself. I. Am stuck and now it caught fire department. Needs. Immediate. I'm kind of lets 98 era at at like her. And take out. Beast an arm it I'll de young and my armpit there EP are hard you party chest that's. Ask you your shoulder. My my. My blue bit not a Clinton. Giveaway admitted to having used it because you're so July news you just press it down and you'll be able to slide right through. And I think it did take a deep breath all new. Paint and and then blowing. How do. You know. Outsmart and I don't rush out that it didn't. We are pleased and company no not I. Yeah yeah I feel like you're quitting too fast. Exactly welcome back against. Older it like thirteenth minute and did you give up easily. Then you're never gonna lose weight may be applied to our running our our own. How high the yeah yeah. Okay. It's very. Thorough weren't. I didn't use to give up on a free meal like this guy I never got here I yacht and right. Then. A stadium the water at a mile. And no one help me. You know. And we'll be there and. I'll my daughter and let it I can't you know I like your little and it will be or dare not like her every Al Ali Al. And you.